Readers ask: How To Sew A 2 Sided Fleece Blanket?

5 Beginner Steps On How To Sew A Double Sided Fleece Blanket

Blankets are simple to make, and fleece comes in a variety of colors, so you can match your blanket to your style. Standard blanket sizes range from 45 inches by 60 inches for crib blankets to 100 inches by 108 inches for king-sized beds. A double-sided fleece blanket is ideal for receiving or giving as a gift.

How do you make a double sided fleece blanket?

How to Make a Double Sided Fleece Tie Blanket Without Sewing

  1. Step 1: Stack two yards of fleece, wrong sides facing. Step 2: Trim selvage with a straight edge and a rotary blade. Step 3: Cut 1u2032u2032 x 3u2032u2032 strips across the short side of the fabrics. Step 4: Snip a small hole in the top center of each strip with scissors.

How do you make a double sided blanket?

Sewing a Double-Sided Blanket: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Step 1: Cut your fabric.
  2. Step 2: Round the corners (optional)
  3. Step 3: Sew the two layers together.
  4. Step 4: Cut the seam allowance.
  5. Step 5: Turn the right sides out.
  6. Step 6: Sew over the gap.

How do you finish the edges of fleece blankets?

A fleece blanket can be finished with a simple folded hem, fringe added to the edges and tied into knots, or a braided edge created by weaving fringe loops around the blanket’s edges.

How much fleece for a no sew blanket?

You’ll need two 1 to 1 1/4 yard pieces of fleece, a pair of fabric scissors (or a rotary cutter – much easier! ), a cutting board (or some kind of cutting surface), and a ruler or straight-edge.

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What is a good size for a fleece tie blanket?

Spread out 1.5-3 yards (2.3-2.7 meters) of each fleece (1.5 yards makes a nice throw, 2.5-3 yards (2.3-2.7 meters) makes a nice twin size blanket).

Is fleece hard to sew?

Fleece fabric is a 100% polyester fabric with a fluffy nap that is used for warm clothing and is a less expensive alternative to natural wool. It is easy to sew because it does not fray and has minimal stretch. While fleece is thick, it is lighter than wool, making it more comfortable to wear.

What type of needle should I use to sew fleece?

When sewing most fleece fabrics with a sewing machine, use a size 12(80) Universal needle and set the machine for a long stitch (8 to 10 stitches per inch). A straight stitch or narrow zigzag works best. If possible, reduce the presser foot pressure.

Should fleece be washed before sewing?

Fleece does not shrink, fade, or run, so there is no need to prewash it. It does not like to be ironed, so if you need to press a seam flat, use a low setting with steam on and a pressing cloth.

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