Readers ask: How To Sew A Keyhole Neck In A Tunic?

Tutorial: Sew a Keyhole Neckline with a Facing

This tutorial ended up getting pretty long and scary, but don’t worry! It’s not a complicated process. I use a facing to sew keyhole necklines on simple medieval-style tunics. This is an attractive and sturdy neckline for LARP/Dagorhir/SCA garb.

What is a facing, anyway?

I use facings on necklines instead of folding the edge down in a traditional hem because they produce very sturdy, flat, and non-bulky edges.

You should use facings because:

Hemming necklines is a pain; facings, on the other hand, are quick and simple once you know what you’re doing. When you fold down a neckline to hem it, your neck-hole expands, which reduces the handling of cut edges and keeps the neckline nice and tight.

1. Make Your Facing Pattern

You’ll need a pattern for your facing and a size for your finished neckline. I recommend a neckline made of a 5.5u2033 circle with a 3u2033 slit, which is just big enough to pull over most heads. Cut out the center hole and cut down the slash. Add 1.5u2033 around the edge of the hole and around the outer line. Pull it on.

2. Cut Out Your Facing

Cut along the outer line until your facing piece looks like the dark shape in the photo above. DO NOT CUT THE CENTER HOLE OUT IN YOUR FACING.

3. Finish the Edge of Your Facing

To prevent fraying, serge or zigzag around the edge of your facing piece; it’s much easier to do this before stitching the facing onto your tunic, so don’t worry – just take a moment to serge and smooth out the edges.

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4. Stitch Your Facing Onto Your Tunic

Fabric stretched when cut along curves, which is bad news if you’re trying to match the hole in your tunic to the hole in your facing. Getting them to match takes a lot of pinning and fussing, so I like to start with the facing first. To fix this, fold the facing to the inside of your tunic, so the raw edge is hidden inside the fold. Topstitch through the tunic and the facing.

What is a keyhole opening?

As the name implies, a keyhole is cut away from the neckline, with the top of the convex shape left open or joined together at the top edge of the neckline (usually with a closure).

What is keyhole neck?

Keyhole necklines are similar to halter necklines in that they have a central cutaway u2014 the keyhole u2014 just below the collarbone, where the converging diagonals of the neckline’s construction meet at the front, but instead of solid fabric, keyhole necklines have a central cutaway u2014 the keyhole u2014 just below the collarbone.

How do you sew a Tshirt into a neck?

Preparing to sew the neckband Fold the neckband in half long ways, unfold it, and sew the short ends right sides together with the seam allowance specified in your pattern. Quarter your neckline and neckband. Fold the shoulder seams together to find center back and center front on the t-shirt.

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