Readers ask: How To Sew A Zipper Into A Pullover Shirt?

How to Sew a Zipper Into Your Favorite Hoodie

With just two seams and one cut, you can make a hoodie that zips up and stays zipped all winter long. Best of all, the picture or writing on the front remains completely visible.

What You’ll Need

To make this project look professional, you’ll need a hoodie, a zipper, and some interfacing, which will stabilize the center of the hoodie where you’ll cut it. You’ll also need pins, thread, or a sewing machine.

Find the Center Line and Iron on the Interfacing

Lay the hoodie out with the side seams together and the center bottom point halfway between them marked with a safety pin or a line drawn with chalk if you have any. Cut strips of interfacing to be wider than the zipper, maybe three inches or so.

Pin and Sew the Zipper

Turn the hoodie inside out and pin the zipper face down. Make sure your machine has a zipper foot, which only touches the fabric on one side of the needle, allowing you to bring the other side of the needle as close to the teeth as you like.

Verify Everything Is Lined Up, and Cut

You can take your time cutting the front of the hoodie, and the easiest way to finish it off is to fold the tape back at a right angle. That’s it, your hoodie hoodie has now been transformed into a zip-up.

How do you cut a zipper with a hoodie?

Detailed instructions

  1. Cut your pullover sweatshirt down the center.
  2. Pin one side of the zipper to the left side of the hoodie with right sides together.
  3. Cut a 2″ x 3″ scrap of fabric and fold twice to create a zipper stop.
  4. Use this to cover the top of the zipper and finish the raw edge of the fabric.
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Can you make a pullover hoodie into a zip up hoodie?

Pullover hoodies are fine, but sometimes you want a hoodie that zips up u2014 especially if you’ll be layering it on chilly winter days. Enter this easy sewing project: only two seams and one cut, and the picture or writing on the front remains completely visible.

Can you sew over a zipper?

*Yes, it’s OK to sew over your zipper (slowly so you don’t break your needle) and to cut your zipper if it needs to be shortened (just don’t cut the zipper pull off! );) Sew your zipper in straight using the teeth as a guide.

How much does it cost to get a hoodie tailored?

Most tailors charge $12 to trim a shirt’s waist and $10 to trim the sleeves of a hoodie.

How much fabric is needed for a hoodie?

Make sure to purchase more fabric than you think you’ll need; two yards should be enough for an adult hoodie.

How do you turn a hoodie into a pullover?

Turn your uncomfortable hoodie inside out and cut the hood off above the seam line for a shaggier and looser over the shoulder look, or cut an inch below the seam line for a shaggier and looser over the shoulder look. Find this Pin and more on DIY by Amy Loomis.

Do I need a zipper foot to sew a zipper?

No, zipper feet are useful for sewing zippers, but they aren’t required; before zipper feet became popular, sewers figured out how to sew zippers with a regular foot, and many still do today.

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Can I cut a zipper to make it shorter?

Use cutting pliers (“nippers”) to cut and pull metal zipper teeth from the zipper tape. Use nippers to cut away the plastic zipper teeth heads. Trim the plastic coil close to the zipper tape with small scissors.

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