Readers ask: How To Sew Tassels On A Decorative Pillow?

Sew a Tassel Pillow Cover

Tasseled pillows are everywhere this season, and I’m obsessed with them! Learn how to sew an easy throw pillow cover with tassels on each corner. This is such a fun DIY for your living room or bedroom decor.

How to Sew a Tasseled Pillow Cover

To make the tassels, cut a piece of cardboard that measures about 10 long and use a yarn needle to pull the top yarn pieces of one tassel through the eye of the needle.

How do you attach tassels to pillows?

Sew through the top knot of the tassel into the edge of the item until secure, about three loops for me. I made 24 tassels for this project, eight on each side of the pillow, and I love the subtle pop of color it adds to our couch with so many neat shades.

Do it yourself pillow covers?

How to Make a Simple Pillow Cover at Home

  1. Measure your fabric.
  2. Cut your fabric.
  3. Iron your fabric.
  4. Begin Sewing!
  5. Cut the Corners Off.
  6. Turn Your Pillow Inside Out, Stuff it, Fluff it, and Enjoy!

What thread is used to make tassels?

Goelx Silk Thread is a lustrous and soft thread for jewelry making, tassel making, and embroidery. It comes in five popular colors for jewelry making and embroidery.

How do you make mini tassels?

Mini Tassels: How to Make Them:

  1. Begin by cutting a 6u2032u2032 length of floss in the same color as your main tassel color.
  2. Wrap the fork at least 50 times.
  3. Tie the loose thread in a knot on the left side of the fork.
  4. Cut a length of thread at least 12u2032u2032 long (contrasting if desired).

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