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Sewing Ric Rac – 4 Ways How to Sew Ric Rac

Ric rac is one of the most beautiful trims of our time, and it’s simple to sew. It can even be braided for added color and texture. Learn how to sew ric rac with our step-by-step tutorial.

What Is Ric Rac?

Ric rac is a woven sewing trim with a zig-zag or waved pattern that can be made of vintage cotton, poly-cotton, or even nylon. Because it is woven, it has a bit of stretch, making it a convenient option.

Sewing Ric Rac – 4 Ways

Sewing ric rac on top of a fabric, sewing ric rac into a seam, and adding ric rac behind the finished edge of an article – for example, in a pocket – are the four main techniques you’ll need to sew ric rac successfully.

Sewing ric rac on top of a fabric

Ric rac can be sewn on to disguise the line of stitching made by stitching a hem in place with a machine stitch. Vintage cotton ric rac may shrink and require pressing, but polycotton and nylon versions are generally ready to use.

Sewing ric rac into a seam

Mark a line down the center of the ric rac and line it up with the seam stitching line on the RIGHT side of the fabric; this line determines how much ric rac will show on the outside after the seam is finished.

Sewing ric rac around corners

To pin in the ric rac from both sides, allow extra braid to fold at the corners. It is best to baste it in place and then sew from the right side, pivoting and turning if necessary.

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Sewing ric rac behind a finished edge:

Before adding the finished piece to the garment, pin or baste it in place and stitch on the right side, leaving extra trim to turn in for neatening. Sewing Ric Rac in an Apron Pattern: How To Sew Ric Rac In An Apron – Step-by-Step Guide

Sewing Ric Rac – More Effects

Ric rac can be used to trim cushions, tea towels, serviettes, and tablecloths–anything that needs a little sprucing up could benefit from a ric rac makeover.

Sewing Ric Rac – In Conclusion

Colorful, adaptable, easy to sew, and a great way to add a bit of zest to the art of sewing, ric rac has a knack for making something special out of almost anything, and has been loved for over 100 years.

How do you sew ric rac into a seam?

Sewing ric rac into a seam Mark a line down the center of the ric rac and pin it in place, aligning it with the seam stitching line on the RIGHT side of the fabric. Machine baste along this line. Place the other piece of fabric right sides together and sew along the basted line.

How do you stop Ric Rac from fraying?

Don’t be concerned:

  1. Take frayed end rick rack, clip off nasty frayed end, and burn end with butane (grill or cigarette) lighter until slightly melted (PLEASE NOTE: MOST prepackaged rickrack available in sewing/craft stores is polyester.
  2. It will fray no more! )

How do you get Ric Rac?

Ric Rac Flowers: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Sew a straight line across one side of the intertwined ric rac to help hold it together.
  2. Once your ric rac is sewn together, roll it up from one end.
  3. When you get close to the end of the ric rac, fold the last half inch under and glue it to the bottom of the flower.
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What does ric rac look like?

The fishbone cactus gets its name from the long flat and succulent stems that resemble a fishbone; it’s also known as a zig zag or ric rac orchid cactus. Fishbone cacti are low maintenance and easy to care for.

What is ric rac trim?

Although it exudes a retro look and was extremely popular in the 1970s, the trim, also known as ric – rac, is a flat braid woven to form zigzags and used as trimming on clothing. It actually dates back to almost a century earlier and was a zigzag crochet braid used to decorate collars and cuffs.

How do you spell Ric Rac?

Whatever you call it: rick rack, rickrack, or ricrac, there’s no denying it’s been at the top of the trim list for nearly 200 years.

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