FAQ: How To Sew In Ends Of A Crochet Blanket?

How to Weave in Ends of Yarn

In knitting and crochet, weaving in yarn ends is a necessary evil; here are some tips on how to weave in ends so they don’t come out when knitted or crocheted.

How to Weave in Yarn Ends

The main things to remember when weaving in ends are to leave yourself enough yarn and to take multiple passes with your yarn needle with each end while weaving. If possible, hold the tail flat on top of the previous row and crochet AROUND that strand when changing colors or starting a new skein of yarn when changing colors or starting a new skein of yarn.

What crochet stitch is best for a blanket?

Crochet Stitches We Love for Making Cozy Blankets

  1. Shell Stitch.
  2. V Stitch.
  3. Granny Stitch.
  4. Corner-to-Corner Stitch.
  5. Ripple Stitch.
  6. Ripple Stitch.

Why is my crochet blanket curling?

When the corners of your crochet project begin to curl and refuse to lie flat, you may need to adjust your tension. Stitches that are worked too tightly together result in a stiff fabric, which often causes the corners to curl in. Loosening your stitches is one way to avoid curled corners.

How do you join yarn in crochet without knots?

‘Double Up’ Join This is the method I usually use when crocheting: you crochet a stitch or two with both your old and new yarns, then drop the old yarn and continue with only the new yarn. It’s a very secure and quick method.

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