FAQ: How To Sew Minnie Mouse Ears To A Headband?

How to Make Your Own DIY Minnie Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse ears don’t require a lot of craftiness; at the very least, you’ll need to know how to cut fabric and use a glue gun; I sewed mine, so knowing how to do a basic straight stitch on a sewing machine is a plus.

Step 1 – Make your ears template

I made my ear template out of an empty cereal box and traced the perfect circle with a handy Ikea cereal bowl; if a perfectly-sized bowl or glass doesn’t appear before your eyes, you can use an old school compass or tie a string around your marker.

Step 2 – Cut your ear supports out (optional)

If you’re in a hurry, skip this step, but having something inside gives the ears more support. Cut a template out of plastic canvas and cut a little curved arc inside it for your ears. This will give them more contact and stability with the headband.

Step 3 – Cut your headband fabric

I used different fabric prints for each ear, the bow, and wrapping the band; the only time I wouldn’t recommend this is if you’re using sequin fabric for the ears; I’m not a fan of headbands on any given day, but sequins digging into my head sounds awful.

Step 4 – Cut your ear fabric

If you’re a regular crafter, you’ll need four pieces of fabric for the ears. Trace your templates and then cut out your fabric; if you fold your fabric in half, you’ll only have to trace/cut out two.

Step 5 – Wrap your headband

Fold the fabric rectangle from Step 3 in half the long way to find the middle, then fold the loose edge of one side of the fabric over and press it into the glue. This is a good time to enlist the help of a friend, but you can do it alone.

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Step 6 – Line the headband

Cut a strip from a cheap sheet of red felt (choose a color that matches your ears) and glue it to the inside of your ears with hot glue. If your headband narrows at the ends, your felt will protrude slightly; trim the edges with scissors until they fit properly.

Step 7 – Sew ears together

If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, line up two of your ear fabric circles with the right sides together, then flip them both right-side out. If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, you can do the same thing with a hot glue gun.

Step 8 – Assemble the ears

Wrap the edges of one of your ear supports into a little tube, then adjust as needed to lay flat with the seams. If you cut it too big, you can always pull it out for a trip and then reinsert it.

Step 9 – Assemble the headband

Measure or guesstimate the center of your headband and add 1.25 inches to each side, which is roughly where the inner edge of your ears should begin, though this will vary by headband.

Step 10 – Start your bow (optional)

On the back of your bow fabric, trace a 3 in x 6 in rectangle and a 10 in x 14 in rectangle. Sew a seam down the long side, leaving about a 1/2 in seam allowance.

Step 11 – Assemble the bow (optional)

Fold your larger bow rectangle in half like an accordion and pinch it together for a minute to allow it to cool. Use a few dabs of hot glue to attach one end of your smaller rectangle, which will serve as the “tie” that holds it together.

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How do you make a mouse ear headband?

Apply glue to the back of each ear and fold in half, avoiding the center area where the headband will slide through. Slide the ears onto the headband and apply glue if needed to keep them in place.

How much fabric do you need for Minnie ears?

You’ll need two pieces of fabric for each ear, so if you’re using a single fabric, you’ll need to cut four ear pieces. Trace the fabric ear template onto the fabric you want to cut (you’ll notice it’s larger than the foam/batting template).

How do you display Mickey ears at home?

You don’t have to keep your ears in the closet; you can use any basic picture hanger or hook to display them as wall art in your home. Try lining them up in rows or even as a Hidden Mickey. For ears you won’t be wearing often, try a fancier solution: style them in a shadow box.

How far apart are Mickey ears?

Your ear circles should be about 3u201d (7.62 cm) apart, and you should use your hot glue gun to secure your tabs to your headband.

How big are Mickey ears?

Mickey ears are available in three sizes: Infant, Youth, and Adult. From crown to brim, the Infant size is 5 inches, Youth is 5 1/4 inches, and Adult is 5 3/4 inches. Around the brim, the Infant size is 20 inches, Youth is 21 inches, and Adult is 22 inches.

Can you sell Minnie ears?

Mouse ears are a definite yes; there are a plethora of stores that sell them, and they are legally permitted to do so because Disney does not own the rights to them.

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Do it yourself Minnie Mouse costume?

Tuck a black tank or T-shirt into a red skirt, sew two buttons onto a yellow ribbon, and tie it around the waist to make an adult Minnie Mouse costume. Pair a red skirt with ears, a black T-shirt, hoodie, and leggings to make a casual, tween-approved Minnie Mouse costume.

How much are Mickey ears at Disney World?

Shop the Mickey Balloon Ears Now! The best part about these ears is that they’re reversible, and they’re still available for $29.99 online.

How do you pack Mickey ears?

Minnie ears are relatively flat, but Mickey ears require pushing the back half of the hat into the front half (as they are when displayed in gift shops), slipping them into that compartment (or snuggling them into some soft clothing), and you’re ready to go!

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