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Brownie Uniform Guide – Girl Scouts River Valleys Volunteers

Uniforms give Girl Scouts a sense of belonging to a global sisterhood, and this article for Brownie-level troop leaders explains key patches, pins, and insignia, as well as their placement on the uniform. Girl Scouts have worn distinctive uniforms for over a century that symbolize the high ideals for which Girl Scouting stands.

Uniform Basics

Brownies can choose a full uniform ensemble, which includes a Brownie shirt, beanie, tie, skort, socks or tights, and a brown sash or vest for formal occasions, in addition to the standard uniform.

The Front of the Uniform

All official patches, pins, and awards are worn on the front of the Brownie uniform; insignia and awards marked with an asterisk* can be added to girls’ uniforms right away; however, a Brownie may not earn all of these awardsu2014it all depends on her length of time in the program.

The Back of the Uniform

If girls can’t fit all of their awards and patches on the front of their uniform, they can put them on the back. Fun patches reflect girls’ involvement in events, projects, or special personal interests.

Shop for Brownie Uniforms and Uniform Items

The Girl Scout Shop is where you can get badges, uniforms, recognitions, gifts, special packages and items, and more! Our online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and orders are typically shipped within five business days. We also have several shop locations throughout our council.

Where do you put Brownie badges?

Girl Scout Brownie Badges u2013 These are triangular badges that go along the bottom of the sash or vest on the right hand side, and they can be worn upside down to fit the pieces together like a puzzle.

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Where do cookie sales badges go?

Answer: Because these patches are associated with the cookie program and are considered fun patches, they can be worn on the back of the vest or sash in any location.

Is there a brownie sewing badge?

This Try-it was introduced in 1999 and was retired in 2011. If you can sew, you can do basic things like attach a button, fix a hem, or repair a tear. Scouts must complete four activities to earn the badge, as with all older Brownie Try-its.

What badges are required for brownies?

When my troop transitioned to Brownies, I decided to begin with the Legacy badges, which cover all of Girl Scouting’s core badge categories: Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Naturalist, and Girl Scout Way.

What are the brownie sixes called?

Brownie girls are part of a small group called a Six, which is led by a Sixer.

What are Brownie wings?

Brownie Girl Scout Wings indicate that a girl has completed her Brownie years and is ready to “fly up” to Junior Girl Scouting. This is a tradition that dates back to when Brownie Girl Scout leaders were known as Brown Owls. The Brownie Wings are worn directly beneath the Bridging Awards on the Girls 11-17 vest or sash.

Where do the cookie patches go on daisy vest?

The Daisy uniform has all of the official patches, pins, and insignia on the front.

Where do Daisy badges go on tunic?

You can wear your Journey awards and badges on the back of your vest or tunic if they don’t fit on the front.

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Are Girl Scout badges worth anything?

Styles like this sash (bottom left) worn by an Intermediate Scout from 1935 to 1940 can fetch up to $900, thanks to the 35 pins and badges on it (including “Woodcraft Scout,” “Star Gazer,” and a “Golden Eaglet” worth $450 on its own).

Can Daisies earn Brownie badges?

Although some of the suggested badges may not appear to work at first glance, Daisies can earn their petals by participating in some of the same activities that Brownies can do to earn those badges.

How many badges can a Girl Scout earn?

This Cookie Season, Girls Can Earn 26 Badges – Girl Scout Blog.

Is there a Girl Scout badge for sewing?

Sew Much Fun Studios can help you earn your Girl Scout Sewing badge by making swaps for your troop, tote bags, aprons, and any other project you can think of! You can learn to sew while earning your badge and having fun at the same time.

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