How To Knit A Magic Infinity Scarf?

  • Instructions for Knitting an Infinity Scarf: Cast on 21 stitches (or a multiple of 4+1 stitches).
  • First row: slip one stitch knitwise, knit one, repeat from * to last three stitches, then purl two and knit one.
  • Row 2: Slip one stitch purlwise, knit one, *knit two, purl two; repeat from * to final three stitches, knit two, purl one Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until the scarf measures around 42 inches or the desired length for you.

Cast off, but do not cut the yarn at the edge where you have just cast off.

How to make an infinity scarf?

  • There are several scarf patterns that may be adapted into an infinity scarf; the only requirements are that the scarf be very long and that its shape remain rectangular.
  • It need to also have a width that is acceptable.
  • Try out several things to figure out what would give the finished scarf the best drape.

Knit according to the pattern.When you are finished, stitch the two ends together to form a loop.One scarf with an infinity loop, knitted in your preferred pattern.

How do you knit a scarf step by step?

You decide which pattern you use and which stitch. Make sure you are using a very long circular needle. Pick the type of stitch and the design that appeals to you the most. Determine the length of the scarf. Put in place. Knit in a continuous circular motion. Carry on knitting until it reaches the desired height, whichever comes first.

How many stitches do you cast on for a scarf?

  • You should begin by casting on the number of stitches specified by the pattern you are using and the desired length of the finished scarf.
  • In most cases, you only need to cast on stitches until you have reached the desired length, at which point you will twist it and connect it.
  • In the event that the design specifies a particular quantity of stitches, however, you will be need to conduct some calculation.
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What size needle do I need to make a scarf?

Make sure you are using a very long circular needle. If you use a needle that is too small, you will only be able to knit a cowl, which is a shorter version of an infinity scarf, but you won’t be able to wrap it around your neck more than once. The size of the needle need to be at least 4 mm or 6 US and higher. Pick the type of stitch and the design that appeals to you the most.

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