How To Knit A Yarnover Buttonhole?

You may make a bigger buttonhole by doing a double yarn over buttonhole and then decreasing one more time after that. In the same manner as this – (K2tog, YO) twice, then SSK. This translates to two repetitions of ″(knit two stitches together, yarn over),″ followed by ″slip, slip, knit.″ The phrase ″double yarn over″ refers to the process of wrapping the yarn around the needle twice.

How do you knit a yarnover step by step?

FIRST STEP: Knit to the location where the yarnover will be made. The second step is to bring the yarn to the front between the points of the needles. (Before I did the yarnover in the example, I had already knitted eight stitches, and those eight stitches are currently located on the right hand needle.) The next step is to pass the yarn in the opposite direction over the right hand needle.

What is a yarnover (Yo) yarn?

A yarnover, abbreviated as ″yo,″ adds one stitch to the work and is frequently used in lace knitting patterns to achieve this effect. Because it creates a very small hole, the yarn over technique may also be used to produce buttonholes. This guide will teach you how to knit a basic buttonhole by utilizing the yarnover technique (yo).

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