How To Knit Cell Phone Case?

  • To create 6 rows of 1×1 ribbing, knit 6 rounds of rib with a k1, p1 around pattern.
  • Note that the circle of your phone cover should appear to be far too tiny at this stage.
  • When knitting in the round, this is something that always happens.
  • Knit your phone cover until it reaches the desired level of height.
  • The rib is the only complicated part of the phone sock; the rest is just ordinary knitting.

How many knitting patterns are there for the phone?

There are 47 different designs available for the phone, tablet, and laptop covers. Follow the links provided below to see more: The free knitting patterns that are linked to in the directory are the intellectual property of the pattern’s original inventor; only includes links to these patterns as a courtesy to its users.

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