How To Knit From One Skein To Another?

Place the fresh yarn over the needle in such a way that the tail of the yarn hangs out in front of the work you are knitting. Then, hold the old yarn and the new yarn together as though they were a single massive strand of yarn. Knit three stitches using both yarns that have been linked together. Give up the old yarn, take the new yarn in your hands, and continue knitting with the new yarn.

Which of the following is the technique of attaching a new skein of yarn to the yarn already in use?

The ″No Ends″ Magic Knot is a Clever Method for Joining New Yarn: Using this technique, you will join two strands of yarn by tying them together in a way that is both extremely safe and effectively treats them as if they were a single strand. It enables you to incorporate a fresh skein of yarn into an existing one without the need to weave in the ends.

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