How To Knit Jacob’S Latter?

  1. Chain stitches, double crochet stitches, and single crochet stitches are all used in conjunction with one another to create the Jacob’s Ladder Stitch.
  2. In order to create a loop from the chain stitches, their bases are connected together in the top of the stitch that comes below them.
  3. Following the completion of the piece of cloth, these loops are subsequently connected with one another using links.

How do you do the Jacob’s Ladder Stitch?

Jacob’s Ladder instructional

  1. Chain 19 for the first row. Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook and in each of the next three stitches for a total of five double crochet stitches
  2. Turn, and chain 3 to start Row 2
  3. Repeat rows 3–5 until you have a total of five rows
  4. At this point, you should have a total of five rows
  5. In order to make a Jacob’s ladder, you need to make sure that your crochet hook is left in the very last stitch.
  6. Turn, and chain 3 to start Row 6

How do I do a ladder stitch in knitting?


  1. At the very end of the work in stocking stitch, you will need to cast off three stitches
  2. Please remove the next stitch off the needle very carefully
  3. After that, continue to cast off the next three stitches in a loose but strong manner
  4. The remaining portion of the row should be cast off, and the yarn tail should be threaded through the loop

What’s a lazy daisy stitch?

The lazy daisy stitch is created by working a number of single chain stitches, also known as detached chain stitches, around a central point. Because of its loopy, petaled appearance, it is frequently utilized in the process of making straightforward embroidered flowers. To finish off the appearance of the flower, work a French knot stitch in the center.

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