How To Sew Corner To Corner Pieces Together?

Video: How to Join C2C Crochet Pieces (Seamlessly!)

Learn how to join corner-to-corner crochet pieces without a visible seam (or any actual sewing!).

This C2C crochet video tutorial is part of a collaboration with my friends at Lion Brand Yarn. This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve tried a few different methods for joining corner-to-corner crochet pieces, but my mother and I recently discovered a technique that doesn’t require any sewing, and it worked so well that we used it to add sleeves to the Free Range Kimono pattern.

Knowing When to Join C2C Crochet Pieces

This strategy could also work if you’re making graphgan from a lot of squares or rectangles; instead of crocheting them individually, you could join them as you go with this method.

How to C2C Crochet: Basic Skills

If you’re new to corner-to-corner crochet (C2C), we’ve got you covered with a variety of beginner C2C tutorials, including how to switch colors and when to cut or carry your yarn.

Video Tutorial: How To Join C2C Crochet Pieces Seamlessly

In the video tutorial below, learn how to join corner-to-corner crochet pieces, and scroll down for step-by-step photo tutorials for both right and left handed crocheters. Free Range Kimono u2013 free C2C cardigan pattern. Lion Brand ZZ Twist Yarn.

How To Join C2C Crochet Pieces – Right and Left Handed

Consider saving these images to your Pinterest board as a handy cheat sheet for staying up to date with the latest software updates.

More Free C2C Crochet Patterns

You might be looking for some new free patterns to try now that you know how to join C2C crochet pieces seamlessly; here are a few reader favorites. You can always find all of the best free patterns on Ravelry at

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How do I make perfect corner binding?

Align the raw edges of the binding and press them together along the length of the binding.

  1. Step 1: try out your binding placement.
  2. Step 2: sew the binding to your quilt.
  3. Step 3: flip and sew the corners.
  4. Step 4: join the binding ends.
  5. Step 5: trim the corners.

How do you bind bias tape on a corner?

Mitered Bias Tape Corners: How to Sew

  1. Unfold the bias tape and pin it to the right side of the fabric.
  2. Hold the 45 degree angle, then fold the bias tape in so that the wrong side is now facing up.
  3. Stitch over the corner and to the next corner, stopping 3/8u2032u2032 before the corner.

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