Question: How To Sew A Cape For A Barbie Doll?

Barbie Cape with Hood

Barbie’s cape with hood is dramatic for wearing out to the opera over one of her long evening dresses (which you can also make yourself). Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pdf files of Cape Front and Hood and Cape Back.

Here are the instructions for sewing the Cape with Hood:

I finished sewing Barbie’s cape, which is made of black cotton velveteen and fully lined; I think it’s a little stiff, so the next time I make one, I’ll use a softer material like lightweight wool or wool jersey (which I already have!).

What is the best fabric to make a cape?

The following fabrics are recommended for the cape’s exterior: wool coating, wool melton, velveteen (i.e., cotton velvet), moleskin, and corduroy. These are my top recommendations, but they don’t have to be your only options.

How much fabric do I need for a hooded cloak?

The length of the cloak can be adjusted; you don’t have to follow the pattern on the length; just add about an inch for the hem and about five inches for the neckline. The amount of fabric you need is roughly your height times three.

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