Question: How To Sew Bias Strip To V Neck?

How to Sew Bias Binding: Two Methods

We show you two methods for installing a bias bound neckline (you can also use it along armholes!). Bias binding gives a lovely, minimal seam finish along a neckline (you can also use it along armholes!). There are no fancy finishes, tricky zippers, or fiddly construction to stress out new stitchers.


If you’re making the Cielo Top or Dress, we’ve included a pattern piece with the correct width and length of bias tape you’ll need. If the pattern calls for bias tape, it may have a narrower seam allowance; Heather prefers not to pin it and sew it by hand for a bit more control. Sew the bias tape to the neckline at 1/4u2033 and pin it in place.


We recommend the French method for finer fabrics because you’re sewing three layers at the neckline seam instead of two, and the inside edge is cleaner. The key is just enough tension so that the bias doesn’t pull or become too narrow.

How do you sew bias binding to a neckline?

If using bias binding that has already been folded, press one side open and stitch in the crease.

  1. Fold the binding inside the garment, press in place, and pin.
  2. Edgestitch along the binding’s edge from inside the garment.

How do you sew a vee neck?

1 V-neck with a plain front

  1. To sew this, cut a facing for the v-neck
  2. mark the neckline on the facing and place it on the bodice
  3. cut off the excess and trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch.
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How do you change a V neck too deep?

How do you fix a neckline that is too wide?

  1. Solution 1. Take in at the shoulder seam.
  2. Solution 2. Insert elastic to make the neckline smaller with gathering.
  3. Solution 3. Stitch a stay tape for the neckline.
  4. Solution 4. Add a fabric piece.
  5. Solution 6. Sew in Darts / pleats /tucks.

What is V shape neckline?

a neck on a garment that comes down to a point on the throat or chest, resembling the shape of the letter ” V ” in British English noun.

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