Quick Answer: How To Hand-sew On A Sleeve?

How to Sew Sleeves

Before pinning your sleeve to the body piece, find the center point. Pin along the edges of the sleeve’s shoulder area and armhole opening to secure them together. Leave the sides of the body piece open for the flat sewing method. Turn the garment inside out and line up the edges. Pin the edges of the sides of the body piece and the bottom of the sleeves.
Turn the body piece inside-out and slip the right-side-out sleeve in wrist-first. Pin around the rest of the sleeve and armhole opening to connect them. Sew about 0.5 inches (1.3cm) from the raw edges of the fabric. After attaching the sleeves, you may want to hem the ends of the sleeves.

How do you attach sleeves to a sleeveless dress?

  1. Use a shirt from your closet as a pattern.
  2. Lay your pattern piece along the folded edge of your fabric and cut around it, adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  3. Open the sleeve up and fold the bottom edge over twice and hem.

How do you attach a sleeve to armhole?

To begin, pin your sleeve to your armhole, right sides together, as shown, with the sleeve curve opposite the armhole curve and your sleeve notches matching on both sides (tip: two notches always indicate the back sleeve / armhole).

What is the best stitch for hemming?

Stitch down the hem with a straight stitch in the center needle position; the default stitch length of 2.5 mm works well in most cases, but can be lengthened for heavier/bulkier fabrics.

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