Quick Answer: How To Sew A Clear Cell Phone Pouch?

How to Make a Phone Case that is Splash Proof

The case has a zip-top and a clear front so you can SEE your phone and know when you get a call or text. A printed fabric liner adds a splash of color to the back of the pouch.

Splash Proof Phone Case Supplies:

This case was made to fit an iPhone 6, but you can change the size to fit your phone. Iron the heat n bond lite onto the wrong side of one of the 5u2033 x 8u2033 fabric pieces. Time required: 1 hour.

What size needle do I need to sew vinyl?

Because Vinyl is a heavier fabric, you’ll need a needle that can handle the extra thickness without breaking. Prep your sewing machine with a Leather or Denim needle size 90/14, or even a Denim Twin Needle for perfectly symmetrical stitches, before starting your next project.

What kind of thread do you use to sew vinyl?

All-purpose polyester threads are the best for sewing with vinyl; however, if you want your top-stitches to stand out, use a heavy-duty thick thread like this one.

What can you do with clear vinyl?

The sheen of the clear vinyl makes it difficult for the cutting machine to read the registration marks, which can result in your stickers being cut off or not cutting at all. You can save it by covering the registration marks with matte tape or cutting in the dark.

What is a vinyl bag?

Vinyl bags are a great alternative to the traditional tote or paper bag, and they can be used for storage, promotional bags, retail, or even shipping. Vinyl bags can be used as a creative way to package products, and they make putting together fun gift packs simple and convenient.

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What are transparent bags made of?

Clear plastic bags are transparent polymers such as low-density polyethylene and polypropylene that are used to make sacks or pouches.

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