Quick Answer: How To Sew A Hole On A Pants Leg By Hand With A Patch?

How to fix holes in Jeans : 10 ways to repair ripped & torn jeans

Most holes in jeans are repaired by sewing a patch over the hole, which is an extra piece of fabric attached to another fabric to blend in or stand out. Some suggest using navy blue/matching blue on the top and grey on the back.

1 Patching from under and machine sewing

Turn your jeans inside out and find a fabric that is roughly the same weight as your jeans’ denim or a denim scrap in the same color to tidy up the hole. You can cut out the projecting thread or use a fusible to fix it there. Thread your machine with thread that closely resembles the color of the jean.

2. Hand sewing straight tear

Hand sewing is the easiest way to repair a straight cut tear in your jeans. Use interfacing or fabric mending tape under the tear and heat it to fix it. Overcast stitch over the torn edges carefully with a thread the same color as the jeans.

3. Attach store bought patches

Simply place them on top of the hole and iron over them. This is not a long-term solution because the adhesive may wear off after a few washes, but it works well for a quick fix.

4. Make embroidery stitches over the hole

Mark around the hole with chalk or a disappearing ink pen. Begin making stitches in the sequence shown above A-H. Repeat similar stitches across the hole I-P until the hole is completely filled.

5. Attach decorative clothing patches

If the hole is in a place where you can affix decorative clothing patches, do so. They are really fun and make a statement. Here are posts on making clothing patches and attaching patches to fabric.

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6. Do embroidery after patching from the back

This involves making hand embroidery stitches over the patching, which will both attach the patch and add a decorative element to your jeans. For more information on embroidering on jeans, see this post u20130 jeans embroideries here. Denim is forgiving, which makes mending a hole in your jeans a repair work that is easier than any I’ve seen.

How can I fix a hole in my jeans without patches?

Hand sewing is the simplest way to mend a clean tear where no actual fabric has been lost. First, iron fabric mending tape under the damaged area, then sew an overcast stitch over the rip’s edges with thread that matches your torn jeans.

How do you repair work pants?

How to Mend Jeans That Have Been Worked On

  1. This basic patch can hold belt loops in place, hold down a pocket corner, and patch a crotch seam.

What Stitch is best for patches?

Return the needle to the uniform about 1/4″ (6mm) from where it was taken out.

  • A straight stitch is not only the easiest but also the quickest way to sew a patch on, and it is also the least visible stitch.

Can you sew iron on patches?

Can you sew on iron-on patches? You can sew on any iron-on patches, either by machine or by hand, depending on the placement of the patch. You can also use other adhesive methods to attach sew-on patches.

How do you fix a tear in fabric?

Thread a needle twice and knot one end. Insert the needle underneath the fabric at the bottom of the rip and come to the top. Take a small stitch to secure the end. Move across the rip and take another vertical stitch.

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How do you fix a hole in your clothes without sewing?

  1. Turn your t-shirt inside out and iron it with the hole facing you.
  2. Prepare the repair. Cut a 1-inch square of fusible bonding web and place it over the damaged area.
  3. Bandage up that hole. Set your iron to the wool setting.

How do I fix a small hole in my jeans?


  1. Gather supplies and make a patch large enough to cover the hole.
  2. Place double sided tape on the patch.
  3. Press the patch over the hole on the inside of the jeans.
  4. Sew over the hole and gently pull the edges of the rip together.

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