Quick Answer: How To Sew Through Thick Layers Of Stretch Fabric On A Babylock Serger?

Sewing through many thick layers

How to sew through thick layers of fabric while also avoiding breaking your needle.

Press seams open and trim seam allowances

Check that the fabric is appropriate for your project, and if it is too thick or thin, press the seam allowances to reduce the bulk of any seams that may come into contact, which will shrink the piece.

Machine setting

The wedge

Special feet

The walking foot, which is commonly used for sewing “sticky” fabrics like vinyl or faux leather, allows both the top and bottom layers of fabric to move at the same time.

Why won’t my sewing machine go through thick fabric?

What tension should I use for thick fabric?

How do you push a needle through thick fabric?

Which sewing machine is best for thick fabrics?

Take a look at our list of the best options below.

  • Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. Singer is a well-known brand in the sewing world, and this heavy-duty sewing machine lives up to its reputation.
  • Brother Sewing Machine.
  • AGM Portable Sewing Machine.
  • Janome Industrial-Grade Sewing Machine.
  • Juki Sewing and Quilting Machine.

What should my thread tension be set at?

The dial settings range from 0 to 9, so 4.5 is the ‘default’ setting for normal straight-stitch sewing, which should work for most fabrics. If you’re doing a zig-zag stitch or another stitch with width, the bobbin thread may be pulled through to the top.

What tension should I use for cotton?

Cotton requires a moderate tension setting, usually between three and four, and you should always start with your upper tension when adjusting your tension settings.

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Why is the thread looping under my fabric?

Looped stitches are usually caused by incorrect tension, but they can also be caused by placing the bobbin in the bobbin case the wrong way (consult your machine’s manual for instructions). There could be lint, dirt, or thread between the tension discs.

What Stitch do you use for stretchy fabric?

A zigzag stitch is the best stitch for stretchy fabric because we need a flexible stitch that can stretch with the fabric. There are different zigzag stitches depending on the fabric and its intended use.

Can you use straight stitch on stretch fabric?

Stretch the fabric slightly (and gently) as it passes under the presser foot when sewing knits with a straight stitch; to do so, apply equal pressure on both sides of the needle by slightly pulling the fabric.

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