Readers ask: How To Sew The Collar Section On The Apron From Mens Shirts?

DIY Apron Tutorial: Turn a men’s shirt into an apron

You can refashion an old button-down shirt into an apron with a few snips and clips. Refashioning is much faster and easier than sewing from scratch, and the knowledge and satisfaction that comes with doing things yourself is creative and empowering. Step 1: Cut away the raw edges where we cut away the sleeves in step one. Step 2: Sew down the side seams, separating the front from the back.

What can you do with old mens shirts?

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Men’s Shirts

  • Men’s Dress Shirt to Apron.
  • Button-Down Tank Top.
  • Little Girl’s Shirt Dress.
  • Men’s Polo To Woman’s Bow Shirt.
  • The Shirt Skirt.
  • Flannel Shirt Pillow Cover.
  • Dress Shirt and Tie Wine Bottle Gift Bag.

How much material do I need to make an apron?

To make the apron, gather the following materials: Adult: 1 1/2 yards of pre-washed and ironed fabric, give or take; if you make a shorter tie, you can get away with a little less.

How do you make an apron by hand?

Detailed instructions

  1. Create the Apron Shape. First, fold your fabric lengthwise and mark it as shown above.
  2. Finish the Curved Edges. Add bias tape to the two curved edges.
  3. Add a Pocket. There are several ways to add a pocket.
  4. Finish the Remaining Edges.
  5. Make the Apron Neckband.
  6. Sew the Apron Neckband to the Apron.

How long should apron ties be?

Cut two 2-1/2u2032u2032 wide by 36u2032u2032 long (the length of your fabric) apron ties, and two 2-1/2u2032u2032 wide by 18u2032u2032 long neck ties parallel to the selvage edge.

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How do you make an apron from bib overalls?

Detailed instructions

  1. Cut the bib overalls just above the legs, measuring and trimming the overalls so there is about 2 inches of fabric below the zipper.
  2. Cut the coordinating fabric to the following sizes. You will end up with 5 total pieces of fabric.

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