Readers ask: What To Sew For A Friend’s Birthday Present?

50 DIY Sewing Gift Ideas To Make For Just About Anyone

When I sat down to sew this year, I decided to make DIY gifts for friends and family, and there are some incredibly simple sewing projects you can whip up in under an hour, from gift bags to adorable items for kids and babies.

1. Fabric Gift Pouch

My daughter makes jewelry, and she made some lovely shell earring sets for her best friends. I suggested making gift bags for these lovely creations, and my youngest son did a fantastic job braiding the embroidery thread strings. Cute DIY Christmas gifts are one of my favorite presents.

2. DIY Fabric Coasters

This simple step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make DIY coasters, which I made in multiple sets to have on hand for last-minute gift ideas.

3. DIY Bohemian Style iPhone Case

If you’re looking for a pretty, elegant idea for a homemade Christmas gift for her, try making this cool pouch. I love making DIY leather crafts, and because I mostly make clothes, I always have small pieces of leather scraps laying around waiting to find a home inside a new creation.

4. Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Zipper pouches are a simple DIY sewing gift that you can give to almost anyone. They’re perfect for a Christmas gift idea, but they’re also great for year-round gift giving. This one has a zipper and requires intermediate sewing skills.

5. Overnight Duffel Bag

This is a simple duffel pattern with oval sides and pockets accented with wraparound straps. The bag measures about 20u2033 x 10u2033, which makes it the perfect size for an overnight stay.

6. Fabric Bins

DIY cloth bins are a great DIY Christmas gift because they are easy to make and can be used to store just about anything. If you enjoy sewing, this project should be on your DIY Christmas gift list. A free step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make these DIY bins.

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7. Easy Flannel Throw Blankets

As the perfect DIY created Christmas gift, I’ve made a stack of easy flannel throw blankets that are soft and cozy, and the cheery patterns and trims make the stack look great even when they’re not in use! Everyone in your family will enjoy cuddling up with one.

8. Sew a Quilted Tablet Cover With Zippered Pocket

I love my iPad and wanted to make a cover for it that would protect it and have a zippered pocket for my earbuds. I found some quilted fabric with a 40% off coupon at JoAnn’s and it made a really nice cushion for the Ipad.

9. Kimono Top

A DIY sewing craft made with personal care from their loving Daughter and Sister. If you have a fashion diva on your gift giving list this Christmas or need a special birthday gift idea to sew, try making this top.

10. Hidden Pocket Scarf

The pocket scarf is ideal for holding your phone, a hot/cold pack, credit cards, or even a small set of keys. She can be worn with any vest, jacket, or accessory that has zippered pockets; it’s ideal for keeping your essentials safe when you don’t want to carry much.

What should I make for my friend’s birthday?

30 Gifts for Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

  • This personalized jewelry box.
  • This best friend pillow.
  • This personalized leather keychain.
  • This “Candy Is a Girl’s Best Friend” bucket.
  • This personalized toiletry bag.
  • This birth month flower necklace.
  • The Kodak Smile Instant Print digital camera.

What can I sew for a friend?

Sew-It-Yourself Friendship Gifts

  • Polkadotchair.
  • Tea Towel. lilluna.
  • Patchwork Scarf. polkadotchair.
  • Easy DIY Reversible Burlap And Lace Table Runner. thepinningmama.
  • Old Denim Rug. ohohblog.
  • Ribbon Tie Tablet Case. lilluna.
  • Darling Kitchen Towels. diyjoy.
  • Po
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What should I get my best friend for her birthday DIY?

Ideas for DIY Friend Gifts

  1. Chill Pills. Original idea found on Scripture Gift’s Etsy Site.
  2. Matchbox Camera. This is such a fun idea!
  3. Remind Them Why. Photo courtesy of Ashley Ortiz on Pinterest.
  4. Study Care Package.
  5. Keep a Notebook.
  6. Remember When…
  7. Smile.

What things can you sew?

To your inbox, we’ll send you free simple sewing projects and ideas.

  • T-Shirt Upcycle to Nightgown:
  • Keychain Chapstick Holder:
  • Easy Drawstring Bag:
  • Easy Sunglasses Case:
  • PillowCase Skirt:
  • 10-Minute Face Mask:
  • Easy Laptop Sleeve:
  • Easy Bookmark:
  • PillowCase Skir

How do I spoil my best friend on her birthday?

Ideas for a Birthday Present for Your Best Friend

  1. Make her a cake, put together a care package, and surprise her with a day trip.

How do you make someone’s birthday special in lockdown?

12 OUTSTANDING birthday lockdown ideas

  1. Make a video from family and friends.
  2. Hold a games night.
  3. Organize a scavenger hunt.
  4. Order a special lockdown card.
  5. Order some doorstop visits.
  6. Pre-plan cards and gifts.

What are the easiest things to sew?

55 Simple Sewing Projects for Novices

  • Pillow Blanket (u201cPlanketu201d)
  • Luggage Tag Labels.
  • 15-Minute Picnic Blanket via Flamingo Toes.
  • Zipper Pencil Pouch.
  • Zipper Pouches.
  • Pattern Weights.

How do you make a fabric gift bag?

Fabric Gift Bags u2013 Sewing Instructions

  1. Step 1: Cut your fabric into the following sizes.
  2. Step 2: Press the Casing. On the wrong side, press over the top edge by 1/4 inch (6mm).
  3. Step 3: Fold in Half.
  4. Step 4: Stitch the Sides.
  5. Step 5: Clipping.
  6. Step 6: Fold Casing Back.
  7. Step 7: Stitch Casing.
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What can I sew for Mother’s Day?

17 Sewing Projects for Mother’s Day

  • Family patchwork quilt.
  • Easy reverse applique handbag.
  • Gardening apron.
  • Applique handprint pillow.
  • Stitched cards for kids.

What is the best gift for BFF?

Here are some of the most thoughtful gift suggestions for your best friend.

  • Long-Distance Touch Bracelets.
  • Partners in Crime Phone Case.
  • Long-Distance State Coffee Mug.
  • A Digital Photo Frame.
  • Significant Otter BFF Card.
  • Best Friend T-Shirts.
  • Wine Tumbler.
  • Best Friend Wall Art.

How do you make your best friend feel special?

We have a few ideas for you:

  1. Make them their favorite food, which is usually sweets.
  2. Surprise them with a gift.
  3. Learn something new together.
  4. Bring them chocolate and/or flowers.
  5. Write them a note.
  6. Tell them something you like about them.
  7. Plan an adventure just for the two of you.

What should I put in my best friend box?

Ideas for Friend Care Packages

  1. Copy This Care Package: Best Friend Long Distance Frame.
  2. Best Friend Care Package To Inspire.
  3. Custom Friend Wine Glass.
  4. Pop Up Photo Box Care Package Idea.
  5. “I Love You A Latte” Box.
  6. Best Friend Necklace.

What sewn items sell best?

Sewing for profit u2013 Items that are fantastic to sew for profit.

    What can I sew for a teenager?

    Thirty-one simple sewing projects for teenagers that can be given as gifts

    • |
    • DIY Cord Keeper. |
    • Body Pillow Case With Phone Pocket. |
    • T-Shirt Quilt Sewing Project. |
    • Boxy Dopp Kit. |
    • Pretty Polka Dot Pouch. |
    • Shirt Cuff Wallet. |
    • DIY Messenger Bag.

    What to buy to start sewing?

    Beginner’s Sewing Essentials

    • A good pair of fabric scissors.
    • A good pair of embroidery scissors.
    • Pinking scissors.
    • Tape measure.
    • Rotary cutter.
    • Dryer sheets / Parchment paper.

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