Readers ask: Why Did They Want To Sew Button Eyes On Coraline?

Button Eyes

The button eyes were the objects used by the beldam to connect one’s soul to the other world. This is an Incomplete Article that needs to be improved.


The beldam uses the doll’s button eyes to spy on Coraline, just as she did with all the other ghost children in the film.

Known Recipients

The adorable ghost girl.


“You’re not my mother. My mother doesn’t have b-b-b -buttons?! Do you like them?” — The Beldam (as Other Mother) “You’re not my mother. My mother doesn’t have b-b-b -buttons?! Do you like them?”


Buttons are mentioned in the song “Other Father Song” as a welcoming gesture as well as a warning, and Coraline’s eyes can be replaced with button eyes in the video game, though it is never explained who applied the button eyes to the beldam.

Why did Coraline have button eyes?

Coraline is told that in order to stay in the other world forever, she will have to give up her eyes and replace them with buttons, implying that she will have to give up her soul in order to exist in the Beldam’s world.

Why Coraline is so creepy?

Another reason Coraline is a frightening children’s story is Gaiman’s constant building of tension and suspense by contrasting Coraline’s reality with a fantasy world, which he sets up by making the “real world” boring, frustrating, and dreary.

Does Caroline ever get button eyes?

Coraline encounters a woman with buttons for eyes who appears to be an improved version of her own mother when she passes through the enchanted portal in the Pink Palace, and she even meets three of the child ghosts Other Mother murdered after sewing buttons on their eyes.

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Why did the beldam want Coraline?

The other mother does not want mushy love; she wants “it’s mine to enjoy” love, in which she views her children and everyone else as objects to control, and this type of love destroys people.

Will there be a Coraline 2?

Because a sequel hasn’t been officially greenlit, no release date for Coraline 2 has been set, but a sequel isn’t completely ruled out.

What is the moral of Coraline?

Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning) is lonely, bored, and most importantly, neglected by her parents (Teri Hatcher and John Hodgman). Despite its simple moral of “Be careful what you wish for,” the film manages to be deeply unsettling.

Is Coraline mentally ill?

Coraline’s behavior is consistent with a psychotic-dissociative cluster, as evidenced by her experiencing an alternate universe and incorporating fixed beliefs, both of which are important plot elements, so it’s best to put her on the psychotic-dissociative spectrum.

Why is Claymation so creepy?

Claymation is creepy because the models don’t appear to be real, but they move as if they are, which is both disturbing and unsettling.

Is Coraline creepy?

Coraline is the creepiest and most terrifying animated film ever, and it will haunt you until you die. Coraline is stalked by a creepy doll that looks exactly like her, and a door transports her to another universe, where the other mother murders three children (off-screen) and they appear as ghosts.

Is Coraline dead?

Coraline now lives with her senile neighbors, who let her roam around freely after they died in a car accident.

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How old is Coraline 2020?

Coraline is a snarky, rebellious, adventurous, curious, and creative eleven-year-old girl who is also a quick thinker and witty. Coraline can be irritated by adults and people who do not take her seriously because of her young age and outgoing demeanor.

Is Coraline about abuse?

Simply put, Coraline’s “real” mother and the Beldam are the same person, and the movie/book (whichever–theory makes sense for both) is not a literal representation of what Coraline goes through.

What does the ending of Coraline mean?

Coraline defeats the evil other mother, saves her parents, and frees the trapped souls of three children despite overwhelming odds.

Where did Coraline’s parents go?

Coraline receives a visitor: the cat, who leads her to her parents, who are trapped in a mirror. Coraline decides to return to the “Other World” to rescue her parents.

Does the other mother want to eat Coraline?

This is demonstrated when she screams that she will die without Coraline, and when The Beldam prepares seemingly normal human food, she eats none of it, unlike Coraline and the other father, leaving an empty plate or no plate at all, preferring to focus on Coraline.

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