FAQ: Tutorial: How To Sew A Cellphone Pouch?

DIY Phone Pouch – 3 Easy Sewing Tutorials – Sew Guide

Phone pouches are useful when you want to carry your phone around without it getting coated with unwanted things (read virus, germsu2026). Here are three different sewing tutorials for these phone bags, all of which are simple to make.

Easy Phone Pouch

The main fabric (the outer fabric) must be cut into a fabric piece that is 140 inches long and 4 3/4 inches wide, and a magnetic snap (or velcro strips) must be used as a fastener.
Cut out two 3 by 2 inch fabric tabs for the opening. Attach velcro or the magnetic snap to one of the tab pieces. Interface the main fabric to get a nice stiff look. Mark the magnetic snap position on the other side of the phone fabric u2013 where the already attached magnetic snap will touch the fabric. Sew the opening on the lining closed.

How do you make a secret pocket in a school bag?

Place the new cloth pocket inside the pouch and line the hooking strips on the cloth to the latching pieces inside the bag, pressing the two together. Close the pouch’s zipper, and you’ve got a brand new secret compartment.

How do you make a mesh pocket?

How to Make Mesh Pockets

  1. Cut and make binding.
  2. Place the narrow side of the binding on top of the mesh as shown.
  3. Sew in the fold.
  4. Flip over and wrap binding over to the other side (this will be the front.)
  5. Sew the binding to the mesh as shown.

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