How To Knit A Pleat?

Make a knit connection between the first stitch on the left needle and the two stitches on the double-pointed needles using your right needle (K3tog).Seven more times should go by like this (or as many as needed to use up all of the pleat stitches).Continue your work till the end of the row.I am in awe of your fold!

After a few more rows of stitching, the pleat will lay down in a flatter position.

What is a pleat in knitting?

If you zoom in on the picture on the left and look attentively, you can make out a sequence of pleats that are divided by rows of knitting. A pleat is created by knitting a set number of rows, and then uniting the live stitches on the needle with threads picked up from a particular row below. This creates a new stitch that is called a ″live stitch″ pleat.

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