How To Knit A Thumbhole In A Sweater Sleeve?

Your left thumb should be used to hold the yarn.Move the needle from the front to the rear of the piece of work, going through the next knitted ″V″ stitch along the way.To thread the yarn, pull the needle toward you while ensuring that it goes over the portion of the yarn that is being held by your left thumb.Repeat in order to create a row of stitches with right angles (blanket stitches).

How do you make a thumb hole in a sleeve?

Make a cut on the sleeve that runs parallel to the seam of the garment from the armpit up to the top of the sleeve. Right beneath the cuff of the sleeve. It should be repeated for the opposite side. As long as you choose knit or fleece, it won’t fray, therefore you can consider this project finished! DIY Shirt with Thumb Holes!

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