How To Knit C4B?

C4B (4 Stitches Cable Back) Method: Slip two stitches onto a double-pointed needle and keep them in place behind the work. Knit the next two stitches from the left-hand needle, and then knit two stitches from the double-pointed needle. How about some more knitting patterns?

What does C4B in knitting mean?

Acronym for the Cable Four Back Stitch The abbreviation for the Cable Four Back stitch is C4B, where the 4 refers to the four stitches that are involved in the finished cable. When you are trying to produce a twist, your cable needle will travel where it says ″B″ is for ″Back″ or ″behind,″ which is explained in the previous sentence.

What is C8B in knitting?

C8B: slip the next four stitches onto the cable needle and hold them at the back of the work; then knit four stitches and then knit four stitches from the cable needle.

What does cb4 mean in knitting?

For example, cable back four is the translation of cb4 (a four-stitch right-twisting cable). This indicates that you will knit two stitches from your left-hand needle, hold the two stitches you just slipped onto the cable needle at the rear of your work, and then knit the two stitches you just slipped onto the cable needle. You will end up with a total of four stitches after knitting.

What is t3f and t3b in knitting?

T3f is an abbreviation that stands for ″transfer two stitches to a cable needle while holding them in front of the work,″ followed by ″purl 1″ and ″knit 2 from the cable needle.″ t3b means to slip one stitch onto a cable needle and hold it at the rear of the work. After knitting two rows, one is purled using the cable needle.

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