How To Knit Stiped Fingerless Arm Warmers?

Arm warmers are knitted from the top down using the garter stitch as the fundamental stitch.Put in enough stitches so that the finished product is as broad as the part of your arm that is the widest.Knit each stitch down the row, then turn and do it again.Continue knitting for at least 20–40 rows or until the desired length is attained, whichever comes first, and then begin decreasing the number of stitches in each row.

How to knit hand warmers?

Using straight needles is going to be the simplest method for knitting up this pair of hand warmers. Because the two parts are identical, all you need to do to create the second warmer is repeat the design. You begin by following the design to produce a rectangle, which is then stitched together using the seaming technique.

What kind of yarn do you use to make wrist warmers?

The wrist warmers were made with yarn of medium weight (04), in Cascade 220 in Lavender Heather 2422 and Drops Kid-Silk in Lavender 11, respectively. I knit them using two strands together to give them some texture, and the end result was that they were fluffy and cuddly.

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