How To Sew Corners On Sofa Seat Covers?

How to Sew a Corner on a Slip Cover

Turn the slipcover so the corner point faces you. Measure 1/4 inch from the point of the corner toward the seam, according to Upholster Magazine Online. Some slipcovers have strips that form the sides, front, and back, called “gussets” or “welts.” Gussets or welts make the slipcover or cushion three-dimensional or form a “box.”

How do you sew a corner on fabric?


  1. Unfold the second fold so that only the raw edge seam allowance is folded over.
  2. Draw a diagonal line in fabric marker connecting the two marks.

How do you upholster the corners of a seat?

Pull the “Y” flap straight over the corner and staple it securely. Pull each edge of fabric on each side of the corner straight over the seat cushion and staple each to the backside of the cushion. Repeat with each corner.

How do you calculate box corners?

1. Decide on the size of the boxed corner you want.

  1. Our tutorial shows a 4u2032u2032 deep boxed corner.
  2. 2u2032u2032 is the size of the square that will be cut off of both bottom corners when you divide the desired 4u2032u2032 depth by 2.

What does it mean to miter a corner?

A mitre joint (often called a miter joint in American English) is formed by cutting each of the two parts to be joined across the main surface at a 45u00b0 angle to form a 90u00b0 angle.

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