Often asked: How To Make A No Sew Round Ottoman?

How To Make a No-Sew Round Ottoman–Part 1

I update a no-sew project from my book Instant Decorating every now and then, and this ottoman is one of them. It’s made of wood and fabric, and I’ll show you how I made the base and updated it with new fabric in this post.

How to Make a No Sew Ottoman

Attach the boards with 1-inch screws as shown in the diagram, then trace the outline of the top with an electric kitchen knife similar to the one you’d use to cut turkey at Thanksgiving.

Part 2:  How to cover the ottoman base with fabric:

Part 1: How to Make a No-Sew Round Ottoman – Part 2: How to Make an Ottoman with Sewing, Cropping, and Ploughing – Part 3: What Do You Need To Know?

How do you reupholster a circle ottoman?

What is the Best Way to Recover a Round Ottoman?

  1. Measure the circumference of the ottoman and add 4 inches to the measurement.
  2. Stick the straight pin through the fabric, leaving enough room for the tail end of the measuring tape to make a circle around the pin while staying on the fabric.
  3. Cut the circle out and set it aside.

How many yards of fabric do I need for an ottoman?

Estimated Yardage

Upholstered Furniture
Sectionals: 24 – 34 yards Square Ottoman: 2.5 yards
Benches (with backs): 6 yards Benches (no backs): 3 yards
Club Chairs: 6 – 8 yards Club Chairs with Ottomans: 8 – 9 yards
Basket Chairs: 5 yards Swivel/Rockers: 8 yards

How do you cover an ottoman?

Place the ottoman on its side on top of the fabric and make sure there is enough fabric to cover it. You can wrap the fabric around the entire ottoman to make sure it fits, or measure one side and multiply by four. Add an extra inch or so all the way around for seam allowance.

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How do you cover a round ottoman with fabric?

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Place your ottoman on top of a piece of paper or fabric and trace around it, adding 1/2u2032u2032 all around.
  2. Measure the circumference of your ottoman and add 3 extra inches.
  3. Determine the desired depth of the slipcover and add 1u2032u2032
  4. Cut out the fabric top.

How do you make a homemade footstool?

Place a large square of decorative upholstery fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up, then place your footstool on top of the fabric, with the foam on the bottom.

How much does it cost to recover an ottoman?

Reupholstering an ottoman costs $300 to $700, depending on the size and amount of decoration. Premium fabrics or features, such as diamond tufting, cost more.

How do you recover an ottoman with a lid?

Fold the ragged edge under to avoid fraying and to give the piece a clean line. Lay the top of the ottoman on your upholstery fabric and cut out a piece that measures with a five-inch buffer on each side. Pull the fabric tight and staple gun it to the underside of the ottoman lid.

What is the best fabric for an ottoman?

Cotton or linen u2013 ideally with a removable cover for easy machine washing u2013 are the best options if you have children or pets who are likely to rub up against or crawl over your ottoman.

How much fabric do I need to cover a stool?

As a general rule, 3/4 yard of 54″ wide fabric will cover two chairs, giving you two 27″ x 27″ pieces. If you have four chairs, you’ll need 1.5 yards, six chairs will require 2.25 yards, eight chair seats will require 3 yards, and so on.

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What is the standard size of an ottoman?

Ottomans are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with heights ranging from 13u201d to 20u201d (33-51 cm). Most ottomans are designed to match the heights of their coordinated furniture sets.

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