Question: How To Do A Vixen Sew In For Natural Hair And Straight Weave?

The Vixen Sew In – What You Need to Know – Un-ruly

The vixen sew in made waves a few years ago after a video of someone getting it done by a stylist went viral on Facebook. It’s great on all textures and allows you to switch up your hair more than you would with a sew in.

What is a Vixen Sew In?

A vixen sew in is a method of attaching sew-in extensions that gives you more styling options by dividing your hair into four quadrants rather than braiding it all back or into one beehive pattern.

Pros and Cons of a Vixen Weave

The main advantage of a vixen weave is that it allows you to create parts in different sections of your hair without showing any tracks; however, the disadvantage is that you must cut your wefts and leave more hair out.

Braid Patterns for a Vixen Sew In

The braiding pattern is what makes a vixen stand out, and Outre Hair has a handy diagram to help you figure out what kind of pattern you want. The four quadrant pattern is good for anyone thinking of rocking pigtails or buns, but those styles aren’t for everyone.

How to Do a Vixen Sew In

Natural Jess the Dragoness shows you how to do a vixen sew-in and how to use the flip-over method in this video.

A Few Other Things You Should Know

The vixen weave looks best on hair that is healthy and full, and it can be done on a variety of texturesu2013relaxed, natural, curly, kinky, and so on. Just make sure you find hair that blends well with yours. The style lasts 8 to 10 weeks.

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How many bundles do I need for a vixen sew in?

It can be done on all kinds of texturesu2013relaxed, natural, curly, kinkyu2013just make sure you find hair that blends well with your own. For a vixen, you’ll need 3u20134 packs of hair, and the style will last 8u201310 weeks.

How long does a versatile sew in last?

How long does a sew-in last? According to Nash, if you show your sew-in love and take proper care of itu2014more on that lateru2014it can last up to six to eight weeks.

How much is a vixen sew in?

Tracks ( Sew In ) Starts At $50 in A Chat with Vixen Sew Ins

Is 2 bundles of hair enough for a sew-in?

2 hair bundles are recommended for a 14″ shoulder length style, but 3 hair bundles are recommended for a longer length in order to get full coverage for your sew-in. To achieve the Kinky Curly Sew-in look, shop for Kinky Curly bundles, which are perfect for both 3B-3C hair textures.

Is 3 bundles and a closure enough?

Two bundles and a closure are more than enough for a short bob with silky straight hair bundles; however, if you wanted an extremely thick bob, you’d need 3-4 bundles; and if you wanted a longer bob, perhaps shoulder length with extreme fullness, an extra bundle would suffice.

How do I stop my sew-in from itching?

6 Relieving Tools For Itchy Sew-In Weaves

  1. Upgrade You Sew -In Scratcher.
  2. Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush.
  3. The Weave Scratcher.
  4. Scalpbliss Itch -Calming Dipstix Set.

What is Braidless sew-in?

The beads create a base for the hair extensions (bundles) to be sewn down, where she can then sew the tracks through the micro-links and sew the natural hair to the track hair. A braidless sew-in is a technique that allows hair extensions to be applied to the hair without the natural hair being braided down as a base.

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How do you moisturize your hair with a sew-in?

If your scalp feels dry, try a leave-in conditioner like Infusium 23 Leave-in, Ion Anti-Frizz Solutions, or Oyin Hair Dew. Your weave hair won’t need much spritzing; it’s more important to concentrate any moisture onto your scalp, where your braided base is located.

Do sew ins ruin your hair?

While a weave or extensions can be a fun way to change up your hairstyle, they can also cause damage to your natural hair and even hair loss if not handled properly.

Why do sew in itch so bad?

Another reason is the tight contraction of the skin and lack of moisture and fresh air, which is most commonly attributed to weaves and braids. When hair is trapped under a net or mass of hair for days without moisture, the scalp becomes ridiculously dry, causing a spread of that fiery itching feeling.

How much is a weave for a white girl?

We have all of the hair you need in stock at Diva Hair, and it comes in 18 inch, 22 inch, or 24 inch lengths. The installation fee is $299, plus the cost of the wefts, which varies depending on length and color. You can add as many bags of hair as you want for the one service fee price.

How many bundles do you need for a versatile sew in?

For a full sew-in, three bundles is usually the magic number; with three bundles anywhere from 14u2032u2032 to 20u2032u2032, your weave will be full, flowy, and glamorous; anything less, two bundles would suffice; if your sew-in is starting with lengths over 22u2032u2032, four to five bundles may be necessary.

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What is a full sew in weave?

A full sew-in means that the base of your sew-in is fully braided, and either a lace closure or lace frontal is sewn on top of your braids during an installation. You have more hair color and hair extension length options with a full sew-in, and there is no blending to be done with your natural hair.

What is traditional sew in?

A traditional sew-in is a hairstyle that leaves no hair out, and it’s perfect for women who don’t want to heat style their natural hair twice a week.

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