Question: How To Sew A V-neck Cowl?

Here’s How to Add a Gorgeous Cowl Neckline to Any Pattern

Cowls can be subtle with a gentle fall or dramatic with a plunging silhouette, and they’re easy to add to any project, even if the pattern doesn’t have one. Bonus: they’re easy to add to any project, even if the pattern doesn’t have one.

What You Need

Fabric Basic bodice pattern. Pen or marker. Tape Tissue paper Ruler Scissors. Tip: There are many different fabrics to choose from when making a beautiful cowl.

1. Decide Where You Want Your Cowl

Draw a new neckline curve connecting the shoulder point to the cowl drape point, about 3-5u2033 below your collarbone, and a new curve between the shoulder and the top of the neck, about 3-5u2033 below your collarbone.

3. Cut the Slash Lines

Create a “hinge” by snipping from the cutting line nearly to the stitch line and cutting along the slash lines from the center front up to, but not through, the stitching line.

4. Tape Down Your Pattern Piece

Tape the spread pattern pieces to the tissue underneath the bodice front, aligning the lower center fronts. Draw a vertical line for the center front and add 8-10u2033 of total length to the pattern piece. Spread the pattern evenly along the cutting lines.

5. Draw the Lines

Draw a straight line perpendicular to the center front line from the shoulder point at the neck edge to the center front line, then cut on the facing line, fold the pattern on the cowl line, and true the armhole and shoulder edge of the pattern.

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7. Sew

You can now sew your cowl top according to the original pattern, with the exception that you may need to add a weight to keep the folds of a cowl hanging correctly, in which case sew a small pocket to the cowl facing and add a small weight.

How do you make a cowl neck pattern?

Detailed instructions

  1. Draw the Slash Lines.
  2. Cut the Slash Lines.
  3. Tape Down Your Pattern Piece.
  4. Draw the Lines.
  5. Cut on the Facing Line, Fold on the Cowl Line.

How do you turn a hoodie into a cowl neck?

Use a seam ripper or simply cut along the seam if you’re impatient.

  1. Next, take the hood and cut off the back of the hood.
  2. Take the hood and sew the bottom shut to form a tube.
  3. Turn the tube inside out and pin it to the sweatshirt’s neckline.
  4. Sew along the neckline.

What does cowl neck mean?

Cowl Necklines are defined as a garment’s neckline with draped, rounded folds that fall below the collarbone.

How do you finish a cowl neck?

What’s the best way to finish a cowl neckline?

  1. Fold the back facing onto the shoulder seam so the wrong side of the back facing is on top of the wrong side of the back piece.
  2. Pin the shoulder seams together from the shoulder edge to the back facing stitching line, right sides together.

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