Quick Answer: How To Hand Sew A Patch On Hole Pants Infographic?

How to Sew Patches on Jeans by Hand

Trim any loose or fraying threads with scissors, and check along the edges of the rip for visible fuzz balls. When patching your jeans, you want the edges to be as smooth as possible.
Use fusible interfacing to line the perimeter of the hole and create a “frame” around the tear. Thread a sturdy sewing needle with a thread that matches the color of your jeans. Knot the thread every few stitches to keep the patch secure. Sew around the perimeter of your patch three times to ensure it’s secure.

How do you put patches on without sewing?

Even if the patch isn’t iron-on, you might be able to attach it to your jacket without sewing if you use fabric glue. Most fabric glue is a simple application; apply it to the back of the patch and then stick it to the jacket.

Can you sew jeans by hand?

You can also hem jeans with the original hem using the hand-sewing method, which will make it nearly impossible to tell that they have been altered. To achieve this look, do not cut the jeans; instead, fold the existing seam to match the new hem line and pin it in place.

How do you repair torn fabric without sewing?

Another option is to use hemming tape to repair a tear, which will do the job without the need for sewing. Hemming tape works like glue, and when heated, the glue will melt and stick the fabrics together.

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