Quick Answer: How To Make Baby Doll Undies For Dolls To Sew On Sewing Machines On You Tub For Beginners?

Guidelines for Dollmaking

How to make a doll that suits a child in KwaZulu Natal and stimulates their creativity in play; if the doll resembles the child or family members, it will suit them far better than a store-bought doll designed for other cultures.

General guidelines

Dolls may represent boys, girls, mothers and babies, fathers, teenagers, grandparents, or characters from stories. Uthando doll making kits include a ready cut doll’s body, as well as many other items.

How-to steps

Sewing the body: Sew around the outside of the body with small zigzag or straight stitches, leaving an opening between one hip and underarm wide enough to fill the doll easily. Fill the feet first (use a chopstick to push down the filling), then the legs and sew across the top of the legs. Fill the body so that it is firm, not hard but not too soft.
Black knitted type fabrics (or tights) can be stitched on in three or four rows when cut into 10 u2013 15 cm wide strips. Plaited, straight, and knitted hair pieces. Tiny informal plaits. Narrow narrow braids in rows.

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