Quick Answer: How To Sew A Cover For A Mason Jar Using Elastic?

How to Make a Reusable Elastic Can & Jar Cover

These reusable covers are the perfect size for covering open cans, drinks, and other small containers, as well as serving as decorative jar toppers for gifts. Simply place one on top of a jar of home-canned goodness to instantly double the number of gifts.

What You Do:

Overlap two pieces of elastic and join them with a zig zag stitch around the outside edge of your can cover, and trim excess fabric from the edge.

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How do you make a fabric Mason jar cover?


  1. Iron your fabric to remove any lines and creases.
  2. Place your round household item on the backside of your fabric and trace your circles with a pencil.
  3. Cut out the circles with your pinking shears.

How do you cover a Mason jar lid?

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the very top of the jar lid, then carefully place the glued lid top on the backside of the scrapbook paper you just cut out, directly in the center of that inside circle. Carefully smooth the paper, and then apply a small amount of Mod Podge to several of the strips with your brush.

How do you wrap a Mason jar with burlap?

Detailed instructions

  1. Wrap the burlap around the jar, overlapping the ends.
  2. Tie the jute twine in a knot or bow to secure it.
  3. Fill with flowers and enjoy!
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How do you dress up a Mason jar?

Makeover a mason jar in a flash

  1. Use your Sizzix machine and Eileen’s die to cut out the paper.
  2. Add double sided tape to the jar.
  3. Apply paper to the tape.
  4. Wrap with twine and tie with a simple bow.

What can you do with mason jar lids?

Take a look at these 15 clever ways to reuse mason jar lids.

  • Shabby chic mason jar lid wind chimes.
  • Cute DIY jar lid message garland.
  • Shabby chic rusted lid door wreath.
  • Sparkly jar lid keepsake coasters.

What tension should I use for elastic?

In general, elastic works best when stretched 3-8%, with 8% being used only on the smaller parts of the garment because it’s a bit extreme. Remember that the more you stretch the elastic, the more stitches you’re putting on that space of elastic.

Can I cut elastic to make it thinner?

Yes, thick elastic can be cut into thinner strips.

Why won’t my sewing machine sew elastic?

You could be stretching the elastic correctly as you sew, but you could be using the wrong kind of elastic (all elastics are not created equal), or you could be using too short a stitch, stretching the elastic too much, or not having the right kind of elastic for the fabric you’re using, and so on.

What can I use to fill a glass jar?

Check Out These 40 Apothercary Jar Filling Ideas

  • Organizing and displaying your jewelry in a way that is both functional and stylish.
  • Candy. View in gallery.
  • Fall Pumpkins. View in gallery.
  • Florals. View in gallery.
  • Beachy Accents. View in gallery.
  • Pine Cones. View in gallery.
  • Ornaments. View in gallery.
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What is the best paint for glass jars?

Any basic paint will adhere to glass, but if you want a paint job that goes on smoothly and lasts a long time, krylon spray paint is the best choice, though acrylic or chalk paint will also work.

What can I put in small jars?

Garden and Home

  1. Tea Light Holders. Make tea light holders out of empty glass jars and pantry items for your next party.
  2. Twig Vases.
  3. Twine-Wrapped Jar Sets.
  4. Hanging Garden Lanterns.
  5. Fabric-Wrapped Jars.
  6. Emergency Candles.
  7. Word Jars.
  8. Marquee Lighting.

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