Quick Answer: How To Sew A Square Binding On T Shirt Neckline?

Tutorial – Scoop to Square Neck T-shirt

If the shirt is already too big in the neck, don’t try this. You’ll also need another shirt or coordinating fabric to cut the new neck trim out of. The serged edge will always be pinned/sewn to the shirt, and the folded edge will be out. Take some time to smooth out all the kinks before you sew, or you’ll snag the serged edge.

How do you sew a binding on a neckline?

  1. Fold the neck binding in half, right sides together, and line up the short ends.
  2. Press the seam allowance open.
  3. Divide the neck binding into four equal parts and mark with pins.
  4. Pin the binding to the neckline by matching the four quarter spots.

What is a neckline in trading?

The neckline is a level of support or resistance on a head and shoulders pattern that traders use to determine strategic areas to place orders. A move below the neckline signals a breakout of the pattern and indicates that the prior uptrend is being reversed to the downside.

How do you finish a neckline?

FINISHING THE NECKLINE WITH THE FACING It’s a good idea to finish the raw non-neckline edge before joining the neckline facing to prevent fraying. We overlocked the edge, but you could also zigzag it or give it a little hem by pressing the raw edge in to the wrong side by 1/4″ or 6mm and stitching into place.

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