Quick Answer: How To Sew A T-shirt With Cotton?

How to Sew a T-Shirt

Previous posts have covered different types of knits and supplies for sewing with knits, as well as how to make a T-shirt.

Sewing with Knits: Making a T-Shirt

I used an interlock fabric for the t-shirt and ribbing for the neckline in this tutorial; just like sewing with wovens, you’ll want to pay attention to the selvage and lay out your pattern pieces accordingly, and you’ll need to use a stretch stitch to keep the stitches from popping out.

Step 1: Pin Shoulder Seams

When sewing a basic t-shirt, the first step is to pin the front to the back at the shoulder seams; before stitching down the seams, you may want to use something that will stretch, such as Pellon tricot interfacing, which is inexpensive and available by the yard at sewing stores.

Step 3: Prepare Neckband

Simply cut a neckband from your Interlock fabric and sew the ends together with a 1/4u2033 seam allowance using a zigzag stitch. This looks best on a dressier shirt and gives it a casual look.

Step 4: Attaching Neckline

Match up the ribbing pins with the pins/seams of the t-shirts to distinguish the front from the back (remember, the back neckline is higher than the front neckline).

Step 5: Add Sleeves

Knit sleeves, unlike woven sleeves, are very easy to put on. I usually mark the top of the sleeve (or not) and pin it in place, then attach the sleeve to the shirt with a zigzag stitch.

Step 6: Sew Side Seams

All you have to do now is hem the sleeves and the shirt, and you’re ready to go!

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Is it easy to sew a shirt?

You can sew your own shirt if you know how to operate a sewing machine; however, if you’ve never sewn a shirt before, a basic t-shirt might be the best place to start. Work from a pattern or draft your own to get started.

What type of cotton is used for t shirts?

Pima / Supima Cotton is the highest-quality cotton available, with extra-long fibers that make it extremely soft and durable. Supima cotton is the same as pima cotton, but it refers to 100% grown American pima cotton, which resists pilling, fading, and stretching.

How much fabric do I need to make a shirt?

For a shirt made from 36-inch-wide fabric, you’ll need about 96 inches of fabric, or about 3 yards; for 58-inch-wide fabric, you can get away with using just under 2 yards, but get the full two yards to account for allowances and mistakes.

How do you make a woman’s shirt?

Important Notes for Ladies Shirt Pattern Drafting: A u2013 B= 2u2032u2032 is only for front shirt draft. A u2013 B= 2u2032u2032 is for the button patti in the front. A u2013 1 is the folded side.

9-10 Give shape of FRONT NECKLINE
A – 11 Half inch ( BACK NECKLINE)
9-11 Give shape of BACK NECKLINE

Why I sew my own clothes?

Why Should You Sew Your Own Clothes?

  1. You Can Take Pride in What You Wear.
  2. Sewing and Knitting Is Fun.
  3. You Decide What You Wear.
  4. Clothes Fit Better When You Make Them Yourself!
  5. One Size Does Not Fit All.
  6. Minimalism.
  7. When You Sew Your Own Clothes, You Are Your Own Factory.
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How long does it take to sew a T-shirt?

A raglan shirt (baseball shirt) made from a cotton knit can take about 20 minutes to cut out and another 30-45 minutes to sew, plus another 15 minutes to make the collar and another 10 minutes to sew it on. A button up (with collar and cuffs) will take about 2 hours to cut.

Can you sew a shirt by hand?

Hand-sewing shirts, especially dress shirts, improves the ease of the seams and provides more comfort than machine-sewing, and some shirt sewing techniques can only be done by hand.

Is it cheaper to sew your own clothes?

Clothing costs are generally far less than fabric costs if you are a frugal shopper who buys from big box stores; however, if you are buying high-end pieces of clothing from designer stores, making your own clothing with higher-end fabric may be the better option.

Is Gildan a good shirt brand?

Gildan is one of the most popular blank shirt brands, and for good reason: they are dependable, high-quality shirts at an affordable price. Gildan tees are suitable for both screen printing and casual wear.

What fabric does Gucci use for T-shirts?

Gucci may use a higher-quality cotton that is harder to come by than the more common cotton used by Polo Ralph Lauren.

What is a premium T-shirt?

Tri-blend: A fan favorite with a vintage look and broken-in, form-fitting, soft feel. Premium tee: High-quality tee with a much smoother, silkier feel and more structured, mid-weight fit than the regular tee.

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