Quick Answer: How To Sew The Edges Of A Tablecloth?

How to Make a Tablecloth

Measure the length, width, and drop length of your tablecloth; you’ll need these measurements to figure out how much fabric to order. A formal tablecloth should reach the floor, but informal dining can vary from 10 to 120in (25 to 30cm). You’ll need the table’s measurements, as well as a pencil and a calculator.
If you measure in square meters, divide the total area by 3 to get your yardage; if you measure in other units, divide by a different number. If you bring your measurements to the store, they will cut the tablecloth for you. If your fabric has a pattern, make sure the patterns on each piece match. Pin the larger piece of fabric over the narrower pieces.
Can I cut a large rectangular tablecloth down to fit a smaller round table? Yes, as long as the diameter of the table is smaller than the width of the rectangle. Mitered corners give tablecloths perfect 45-degree edges that fit perfectly over any square or rectangular table.

How much should a tablecloth hang over the edge?

Tablecloths for casual events should have a 6- to 8-inch drop from the table’s edge to the bottom of the tablecloth, while tablecloths for more formal events should have a 15-inch drop from the table’s edge to the bottom of the tablecloth.

What is the best fabric to make a tablecloth?

Cotton, polyester blends, oilcloth, and linen are popular choices; if you’ll be eating at this table, choose a washable fabric. The fabric used in the instructions is a mid-weight cotton that’s affordable, has a casual look, and washes well.

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How do you sew a perfect hem?

How to make a super-tidy hem with minimal effort.

  1. Step 1: Sew the hem using the basting stitch as a guide.
  2. Step 2: Iron the hem using the basting stitch as a guide.
  3. Step 3: Fold the raw edge to the fold.
  4. Step 4: Sew the hem.

What size tablecloth do you need for a 6ft rectangular table?

Table linen sizes for weddings and special events are as follows: 6 ft or 72 inch rectangular tables – 90 inch x 132 inch rectangle tablecloths or 6 ft rectangular spandex table covers

Can you use a rectangle tablecloth on a round table?

Tablecloths for round tables If you have a round table, you can definitely use a round tablecloth, but a square tablecloth can also be used on a round table if the measurements are correct.

What are the standard tablecloth sizes?

For square tables, standard square tablecloth linen sizes are:

  • 30u2032u2032 square table: Seats 4 People: 52 x 52 (11 inch drop)
  • 36u2032u2032 square table: Seats 4 People: 62 x 62 (13 inch drop)
  • 42u2032u2032 square table: Seats 8 People: 72 x 72 (15 inch drop)
  • 60u2032u2032 square table: Seats 8-12 People (12 is a little tight) 85 x 85 (12.5 inch drop)
  • 60u2032u2032 square

How do you hem a tablecloth without sewing?

Even if you can’t sew, you can make a tablecloth with iron-on hem tape or an anti-fray product if you find some fabric you like.

How do you make a fitted tablecloth for a rectangular table?

Fitted Table Cover: A Quick and Easy DIY

  1. Measure your table and add two inches on all sides.
  2. Fold over your edges a half inch and iron down.
  3. Wrap your elastic around the table to determine how much you need.
  4. Feed elastic through the casing you created in the tablecloth using a safety pin in the edge of your elastic.

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