Quick Answer: You Tube How To Sew A Full Nursing Cover?

How to Make an Easy Multipurpose Nursing Cover (Free Pattern)

Get the free pattern and follow the simple tutorial below to make a multi-purpose nursing cover that has bonus functions. This multi-purpose nursing cover is intended to lighten the load a little when it comes to carrying around extra stuff for caring for a baby.

Use it as a nursing cover

This cover is designed to provide full coverage all the way around while breastfeeding a baby, as well as the ability to stick one arm out of the opening and do other things while the baby is still being fed, such as changing a diaper or changing a pooch.

Use it as a car seat cover

Simply slip it over the car seat’s handle and stretch it to fit over the front and back, keeping the sun off baby’s face or attempting to keep the wind off their face.

Use it as a shopping cart cover

Set the cover down with the smaller hole aligned with where your baby’s legs go and stretch the sides to fit over the rest of the cart where baby sits to keep your baby safe from germs in the shopping cart.

Get the Sewing Pattern Here

Get instant access to the multi-purpose nursing cover pattern by entering your email address. Get an ad-free printable version of this nursing cover pattern in my Etsy shop. These files are for personal and commercial (up to 50 times) use only.

Fabric Choice

Are you looking for something stretchy, breathable, and light weight? Do you need cotton or rayon spandex? If you’re new to knitting, these pointers may help you get started.

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Sewing Prep

Before cutting, prewash and iron your fabric to ensure proper sizing in case it shrinks or wrinkles. Once everything is cut, you should have two mirror images of the cover: one for the inside and one for the outside.

Step 2 (Hemming the top)

Sew right on the edge of where you ironed, rather than the back, for a more finished look. If you’re using hem tape, use it to stabilize the hem while you sew; if not, pin or clip the hem in place.

Step 3 (Hemming the bottom)

Sew right on the edge of where you ironed. (I did this from the front side for a more finished look.) If you’re using hem tape, add it now to stabilize the hem while you sew. If you’re not using hem tape, pin or clip the hem in place.

Final Thoughts on the Nursing Cover

I hope you enjoy making this nursing cover for your baby; it’s a simple project that’s also very versatile. It can be washed before use to remove any stray threads or extra fabric sheds that may have become entangled in the cover; simply wash it again before using.

How do you latch under a nursing cover?

At home, practice nursing baby while he’s under the cover; once you’re comfortable with that, try putting the cover on first, then unhooking your nursing bra/tank, then placing baby underneath the cover and latching him on.

Is it illegal to ask a breastfeeding mother to cover up?

While the law expressly states that you have the right to nurse, whether you must cover up while doing so is debatable. While all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico allow breastfeeding in public, there is still room for improvement. exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws

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Is it socially acceptable to breastfeed in public?

Breastfeeding in public is legal and protected by federal and state law in all 50 states, so you can nurse whenever your baby is hungry, even in private establishments like restaurants or stores.

Do you really need a nursing cover?

While you don’t need a nursing cover when breastfeeding in publicu2014and you shouldn’t feel like you dou2014some women find that they need a little privacy at times, which you can get by draping a swaddle or baby blanket over your shoulder.

How many nursing covers do you need?

This method also works for moms who only nurse once in a while; however, if you’re like many busy moms who struggle to stay organized, you’ll benefit from having two or more nursing covers, as well as taking into account the climate where you live.

Which nursing cover is best?

Nursing Covers to Watch in 2021

  1. Kids ‘N Such Arrow Nursing Apron.
  2. Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover.
  3. Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover.
  4. KeaBabies All-in-1 Nursing Cover.
  5. Milk Snob Nursing Cover.
  6. Udder Covers Nursing Cover.

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