Readers ask: How To Machine Sew Up A Pant Legs?

How to hem pants with or without a sewing machine

Hemming pants is not difficult and can save you money. In this guide, we’ll show you how to hem pants and everything you’ll need to do it with or without a sewing machine. It’s so simple that leg length shouldn’t be an issue.

How to hem pants in a few steps:

Remove the original hem and trim it, then measure your inseam to determine the proper length. Hand or machine sew a new hem.

How to measure the inseam

Measure the length of your inseam, which is the distance between the crotch seam and the bottom of your shoe; the length of your pants will be determined by the shoes you’re wearing. Also, determine how much space is available on the front of your foot for a hem to hang freely.

Remove the original hem

Unstitch the hemline with a seam ripper, then iron it flat to remove any creases or imperfections in the fabric.


Starting at the crotch of your pants, measure the length of your inseam, turn the pants inside out, and lay them flat on a surface. For an XL-TIGHT Trousers, measure the proper length on the pants plus one inch of seam allowance.


Cut out all the extra fabric with a rotary cutter and ruler (or scissors) for a quick, easy-to-wear blazer or blouse that you can wear all year.

Measure Hem

Set your sewing gauge to u00bd inch, then fold up the edge of the pant leg to 1/8 inch, press it in place with the iron, and cut out the fabric for a perfect fit.

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Fold the hem

Check the width of the fold with the sewing gauge, then fold the edge of the pant leg up another u00bd inch. Pin the hem in place once the fold is evenly u00bd inch wide. Repeat on the other pant leg to ensure a uniform hemline for winter wear.

Sew the hem with a sewing machine

1. Use the same color thread in your bobbin and top spool. 2. Set your machine to medium straight stitch. 3. Stitch a u00bc inch seam allowance all the way around the hem.

Sew the hem by hand

Cut a matching piece of thread twice the length to go around one leg, thread your needle, and tie the cut ends together so you’re sewing with two strands. Use pins to hold the hem in place.

Can you hem pants with a sewing machine?

Hemming your own pants is simple if you have a sewing machine. Gather your supplies: a pair of pants, a seam ripper, straight pins, an iron and ironing board, a measuring tape or ruler, scissors, a sewing machine, and thread that matches the color of your pants.

Which machine is used for stitching lower part of pant?

Blind Stitch Sewing Machine: This is a unique machine that is used to sew the bottom hem.

How do I make my pant legs bigger?


  1. If possible, unravel the seam rather than cutting the fabric, then sew the open seams flat on each side of the leg opening.
  2. You can also reshape jeans right out of the washer and air dry them, i.e. straighten them out, then stretch the bottoms to desired shape.
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How much does it cost to hem pants?

Shortening Sleeves: $15 to $40 u2013 Jacket sleeves cost more than shirt sleeves, and jackets with buttons and linings cost more than plain ones. Hemming Pants, Skirts, or Dresses: $10 to $25 u2013 Skirts with a lining cost more to hem than unlined skirts.

What is the best stitch for hemming pants?

Set your machine to medium straight stitch and stitch a 14 inch seam allowance all the way around the hem.

What is the best sewing machine for hemming?

The 5 best sewing machines for hemming pants are listed below.

  • REX RX-518 Portable Professional Grade Desktop Blind Stitch Machine.
  • Consew Portable Blind Stitch u2013 75T.
  • Axis 500-1 Portable Blind Stitch Hemming Machine.
  • Yeqin WD-500 Professional Grade Blind Stitch Hemming Machines.

What are the 8 different types of sewing machines?

Sewing Machine Types u2013 The Ultimate Guide

  • Mechanical Treadle Sewing Machines.
  • Electronic Treadle Sewing Machines.
  • Mini and Portable Sewing Machines.
  • Computerized or Automated Sewing Machines.
  • Embroidery Machines.
  • Quilting Machines.
  • Overlocking or Serger Machines.

Which machine is used for stitching clothes?

Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to reduce the amount of manual sewing done in garment industries, and they are used to stitch fabric and other pliable materials together with threads.

How many types of Overlock machines are there?

The Relationship Between the Number of Threads Used and the Overlock Machine

Serial No. Machine Name Total threads use
1 2 Thread Overlock Machine 2
2 3 Thread Overlock Machine 3
3 4 Thread Overlock Machine 4
4 5 Thread Overlock Machine 5

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