Readers ask: How To Sew A Blind Hem On Kenmore 1357?


Use only genuine Kenmore replacement parts and accessories. Parts listed herein may be ordered from any Sears, Roebuck and Co. store or service center. If parts are not stocked locally, your order will be electronically transmitted to a Sears Repair Parts Distribution Center for expedited handling.
Foot control 6782″Q FOOT” 6882″Q SET” 6885. Blind hem foot 6792. Hinged zipper foot 6887 Even feed foot 6891 Ruffler pleater. 6840 Accessory set for heming, edgestitching, binding, gathering, quilting, attaching braid, lace, zippers incl.
Open shuttle cover. Pull bobbin case straight out of shuttle. Place thread spool on spool pin, Draw thread through thread guide 1. Raisthen thread take-up lever to its highest position by turning hand wheel toward you. An ideal straight stitch will have threads locked between the two machines.

Can you do an invisible stitch on a sewing machine?

First, check your sewing machine to see if it has this stitch… Then, to make the stitch, it helps if you have the special Blind Hem Stitch Foot in your collection of sewing feet; however, if you don’t, you can still do it by sewing a little slower.

Why is blind stitch appropriate as hemming stitch?

Blind hems are fantastic because they allow you to create a machine stitched hem that is nearly invisible from the outside using an ingenious method of folding and stitching. It’s a great way to create a deep hem on a skirt, unlined jacket, or pants.

What stitch should I use to hem?

Sew along the raw edge of your hem with a zigzag or mock overlock stitch; the three step zigzag is a good zigzag option for a single layer of fabric.

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What is a stretch blind hem stitch?

Stretch Hems Use a Blind Hem Foot (optional for some machine models) and your machine’s blind hem stitch to sew hems that are virtually invisible from the right side of the fabric. This blind hem stitch is designed for use with stretch fabrics such as t-shirts, jersey, and more.

What is a rolled hem?

The rolled hem is a teeny-tiny hemming technique that finishes all of the seam allowances inside the hem. It is suitable for use on light to medium weight fabrics and, due to the size and neat finish of the hem, it is wonderful on sheer fabrics.

What is the best stitch for hemming pants?

Set your machine to medium straight stitch and stitch a 14 inch seam allowance all the way around the hem.

How do you hem pants professionally?

How to Hem Pants Quickly and Easily Using Any Sewing Machine

  1. Remove the pins and press the new pants hem.
  2. Fold and press the new hem.
  3. Sew the hem close to the folded edge. It goes without saying that the owner of the pants should be wearing them (with shoes) so you can get the length just right.

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