Readers ask: How To Sew A Patch Where There Is A Pocket?

1. Prepare Your Pattern & Garment

I like to use the pocket from my Sylvie Dress pattern because it’s large enough to fit my entire hand or my phone in, but not too large; a small patch pocket can make the wearer of the dress appear larger than they are because it’s not proportionate.

2. Cut Your Pockets

Because the pocket has nothing to do with the fit, you can cut it on the length of grain, crossgrain, or bias. If you’re using a stripe, gingham, or plaid, cutting it on the bias or in the opposite direction can be a nice detail.

3. Mark The Fold

There is a fold line at the 2 mark from the top of the pocket; mark it with a small snip on the side edge of your pocket; you could also use a water soluble marking tool, but I prefer the ease of making a small snip.

4. Fold Top Edge

Fold the top edge of the pocket, wrong sides together, about 1/4″u20133/8″ and press, rather than sewing it.

5. Create Top Fold

Fold the fabric right sides together and pin in place, using the marks you made in step three; DO NOT PRESS THIS FOLD IN THIS STEP! We will press this top fold in the following steps.

6. Sew Around Pocket

With the top fold pinned in place, stitch all the way around the pocket at a 5/8 seam allowance, using a seam gauge and a water soluble marking tool to mark the turns if necessary. Be sure to pivot at the bottom corners at 5-8.

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7. Trim Corners

Trim a triangle of fabric from the bottom edge of the jacket to reduce bulk at the top, allowing it to poke out cleanly and sharply without adding bulk.

8. Turn Corners

To form a perfect corner, turn the upper fold right side out and poke out the corners with a point turner or a metal knitting needle. This large fold on the inside of your pocket is a nice finish so that it’s finished fabric for 1 3/4 instead of the wrong side of the fabric.

What are the four steps in attaching the patch pocket?

Answer: To sew the patch pocket to your garment, turn it right side up and pin it in place. Sew along the edge of the pocket, starting on one side, stitching across the bottom, and sewing up the other side.

How do you sew on a pocket?

Sewing In-Seam Pockets the Easiest Way

  1. Serge the sides and bottoms of the front and back skirt pieces.
  2. Mark 5u201d (13 cm) down from the top of the skirt pieces with right sides together.
  3. Line up the top of the pockets with the mark made in step 3.

How do you sew internal pockets?

Internal Pockets: How to Sew Them

  1. A) Pin each internal pocket piece to the side seam of the front and back of the bodice, right sides together.
  2. Sew from the very top to the very bottom of the pocket piece.
  3. C) Place the front on top of the back of the dress, right sides together, and align the side edges.
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What does patch pocket mean?

Patch pockets are made by sewing pre-cut pieces of material to the outside of a garment, like a patch, rather than sewing inset pockets. Patch pockets often have a flap at the top and become a design feature u2014 think of the patch pockets on Paddington Bear’s duffle coat.

Why do some coats have fake pockets?

Suit jacket manufacturers sometimes sew the pockets shut to keep them looking fresh and tailored, as Business Insider explains. When customers try on a jacket and put their hands inside the pockets, the fabric can stretch out and make it look rumpled, and no one wants to buy a frumpy-looking suit.

How do you sew a curved pocket patch?

Sew down the pocket facing’s short sides, then bag it out and turn it right side out, poking out the corners and pressing it flat. You can sew across the facing to keep it in place and add some decorative top-stitching.

What is a flap pocket?

Flap pockets are welt pockets with a rectangle of fabric (usually with rounded edges) that serves as the flap, which can be hidden by opening the pockets and pushing the flaps inside.

How do you add pockets to side seams?

How to Add Side Seam Pockets (Nerdy Sewing Tips)

  1. Snip a small notch into the side seam of your main fabric (on each side of your front and back pieces) to mark the top of where your pocket will sit.
  2. Stitch the pocket pieces into place with a 3/8″ seam allowance.

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