Readers ask: Youtube How To Sew On Wooden Tag On Knit?

How to Sew on Garment Tags

Many people have requested that I post a tutorial on how I sew on my foldover garment tags, so here are step-by-step pictures and instructions for attaching them after you’ve finished your crochet and knit pieces.

How do you crochet a blanket on a label?

Sew the label to your project with a needle and thread, making sure to line up the pre-punched holes in the label. For this label, I started sewing between the two holes on the right, then gradually worked my way across, sewing back and forth between each hole.

How do you make embossed leather labels?


    How can I put my kids name on clothes?

    How do you sew a name?

    Stitching in Splits

    1. Bring the needle up through the back of the fabric.
    2. Take it down a stitch length away.
    3. Bring the needle back up through the center of the previous stitch.
    4. Take the needle down half a centimeter away from its current position.

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