FAQ: How To Sew A Circle Skirt Printable Instructions?

How To Sew A Circle Skirt With Free Printable Pattern

This week, we’re showing you how to sew a woven circle skirt with a free printable pattern. The woven circle skirt has an exposed elastic waistband and is designed to fit easily over the hips and snugly at the waist.

Pattern Pieces Checklist

You will need to cut the following pieces once you have printed and assembled your pattern. (The elastic length is provided in a cut chart and is not a pattern piece.) Elastic for Waistband: 1.5 u2013 2 wide elastic. 26 – 28 30.

Printing Instructions

By clicking on the layers icon in Adobe Reader, you can choose the size of each page. Before printing, make sure your printer is set to No scaling or Actual size, and then print page 1. Set the Page orientation to Auto or Portrait, and then print page 1.

Trimming Pages

Use a 3/8 seam allowance unless otherwise instructed. First, wash, dry, and iron your fabric. Next, lay out your pattern piece onto your fabric and sew around the entire hem of the skirt using seam allowance. Next, on this how to sew a circle skirt with free printable pattern sewing tutorial, we will make the waistband for our skirt.
This how to sew a circle skirt sewing tutorial will have you looking fabulous in no time. Pin the elastic seam on one of the skirt side seams that you had sewn so that the elastic is 1/4 above the skirt edge. We will then match each of the pins in the elastic with a pin in the skirt until all four sections have been pinned.

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How many yards of fabric do I need for a circle skirt?

You’ll need 2.5 yards for a knee-length skirt, and 3 yards for a floor-length skirt; a king-sized bed sheet will also suffice. Avoid fabrics with a lot of stretch (no jersey!).

How do I make a circle skirt calculator?

Calculate the radius from the center to the waistband once you know the type of skirt:

  1. For a full circle skirt, R = waist / 2 – 2
  2. for a 3/4 circle skirt, R = 4/3 * waist / 2 – 2
  3. for a half circle skirt, R = 2 * waist / 2 – 2
  4. for a quarter circle skirt, R = 4 * waist / 2 – 2.

What is the difference between a full and half circle skirt?

The green skirt in the photo is a ‘half’ circle skirt; a ‘full’ circle skirt, on the other hand, has twice as much fabric and is thus more voluminous.

What fabric is best for a circle skirt?

Cotton, like most skirts, is a good choice for circle skirts, but satin, which is a difficult material to work with if you’re just learning to sew, works well for full circle skirts like those seen in the 1950s.

How do I know my skirt size?

Measure the circumference of your middle just above the highest point of your hip bone or wherever you want the elastic waistband of the skirt to rest to determine your size, then choose the size that is closest to that measurement.

What is a 3/4 circle skirt?

You can draw the pattern in the same way you would for a full skirt; the only difference is that once you’ve drawn the half circle for the waistline, measure the line and stop when you reach the 1/2 waist measurement, which is 3/4 of the half circle.

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How do you calculate a gathered skirt?

Begin by cutting two large rectangles for the skirt and one long rectangle for the waistband. The waistband piece should be 5.5 inches tall and as long as your waist measurement plus one inch, so if your waist measurement is 30 inches, each skirt rectangle should be 45 to 60 inches wide.

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