FAQ: How To Sew A Tote Bag With A Drawstring Top?

How to Sew an Easy Drawstring Bag to Stow Your Stuff

Even novice sewers can easily follow this tutorial and sew a drawstring bag in an hour or two. Make them in any size you need; they’re great for holding trinkets and wrapping gifts. Hand-sew the opening with ladder stitch for an invisible seam. Sew across from folded edge to folded edge with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

How do you make a strong tote bag?

Here are a few tips to help you sew a strong bag that will last the test of time for your next bag project.

  1. Pick a heavy interfacing.
  2. Use a thick thread.
  3. Reinforce your stitching and seams.
  4. Use heavy-duty fabrics.
  5. Consider coated fabrics.
  6. For extra sturdy bags, use leather or vinyl.

How do you calculate box corners?

1. Decide on the size of the boxed corner you want.

  1. Our tutorial shows a 4u2032u2032 deep boxed corner.
  2. 2u2032u2032 is the size of the square that will be cut off of both bottom corners when you divide the desired 4u2032u2032 depth by 2.

How do you make a drawstring hole?

Creating a Drawstring

  1. Fold raw edges in 3/8″ (1 cm) on each end (short sides) to the wrong side, then fold in half length-wise and press.
  2. Fold raw edges in towards centerfold.

What can I use as a drawstring bag?

Any reasonably sturdy fabric that isn’t too thick, such as quilting cotton; I used a linen/cotton blend for my bags. Cord or ribbon for the drawstrings.

How do you make a simple bag?

Cut another piece of fabric and sew the right and left sides of the two bag fabric pieces together.

  1. Wrap the cut piece around the top of the bag and pin it in place. Sew along the top of the piece, including the bag in your stitches, and then sew the bottom of the piece in the same way.

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