FAQ: How To Sew An Off The Shoulder Shirt?

3 ways to Make an OFF SHOULDER TOP – Free sewing tutorial

If you have good shoulders, nothing beats this easy-to-sew top, which shows off your lovely collar bones to perfection. Pair it with a long maxi skirt and some long fabric necklaces for a lovely bohemian look.

Method 2 Off shoulder top with frills

This is a very easy to sew pattern that uses just four rectangular fabric pieces joined together with simple seams and elastic. I made the top for my young daughter and can vouch that it can be completed in under an hour.

Method 3 – Off shoulder top from a tshirt.

Cut off the crew neck band very close to the neckline and sew elastic under the top cut edge and make a casing for elastic or make a seperate casing for the upper edge to make an oversized tshirt with a crew neckline (neckline very close to the neckline).

Check out the tutorial for this in my post on 8 different ways to make a cold-shouldered top.

How do you make an off-the-shoulder button?

The Off-The-Shoulder Button Shirt Style Hack is simple: simply unbutton the top half of a button-down shirt, drape it over your shoulders, and tie or tuck at the waist.

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