How To Knit A Scalloped Edge On A Blanket?

Knitting multiples of eight stitches plus the two edge stitches are required to create the scalloped cast-on edge (for one edge, the other edge is included in the multiple of eight). You will have a multiple of three stitches plus two edge stitches after you are finished with the first row of the pattern.

What is a scalloped knitting edge?

This knitting edge with scallops is precisely what I’m talking about – it’s the ideal approach to give a unique touch to the edge of a knitting project and it’s exactly what I have in mind. It’s not even close to being as difficult as it seems at first glance! This example is created with bamboo knitting needles and crochet thread in size 3.

How do you use a scalloped border in knitting?

Items that are crocheted or knitted, such as blankets, scarves, and caps, seem more interesting when they have scalloped borders.If you want to give a knitted or crocheted item a bit more flare, consider adding a scalloped border to it.You can easily add a scalloped border whether you are a novice knitter or an expert knitter.

  • You can use yarn in a color that matches or contrasts with the rest of the project for the border.

How do you knit a 10 stitch border on a blanket?

Using the example of a 10-stitch border, knit nine stitches on the very first row of the project. Combine the very last stitch with a stitch that you’ve picked up from the edge of the blanket and knit them together. To complete the border, turn the work and knit 10 stitches back out toward the edge. Knit nine stitches back onto the blanket after turning the work.

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What does scalloped border mean?

Having a border or edge that is formed by a series of semicircles scalloped potatoes and scalloped corn are examples of prepared gratins that are baked in a common sort of sauce, typically with cheese, in the form of a casserole.

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