How To Knit A Trivet?


  1. Keep the two ends of the yarn together by holding them together and tying a knot at each end (see accompanying photo)
  2. Cast on a total of 28 stitches using needles of size 9
  3. Slip the first stitch as though purling with the yarn in the rear of the work. Knit a total of 26 stitches
  4. Repeat Step 3 until the item is 7 inches long measured from the edge where it was cast on (about 24 rows)
  5. Finish binding. Break yarn

How do you make a trivet out of knitting?

:: To finish putting together the trivet, thread the 8-inch tail that was left over from the beginning of the finger knitting strand through one of the strands that were used for the fifth row of the finger knitting. Applying pull will cause the finger knit strand to begin winding around itself.

How do you tie a rope to a trivet?

You will now need to feed the rope that is at the end of the finger knitting strand through the trivet, and then tie a knot using the tail that you threaded through the coil. Clear packaging tape should be wrapped around the rope approximately an inch away from the edge of the trivet in order to prevent the ends from fraying.

How long does it take to make a trivet?

  • The greatest thing is that the trivet can be made in a flash, in less than a quarter of an hour, using only rope and tape (to prevent the rope from fraying)!
  • Trivets are great to have around the house, and it’s one of my favorite party details when an entire table’s set of trivets matches.
  • What a stunning sight it would be to see a variety of them in a range of sizes scattered around a buffet!
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What is a trivet and do you need one?

Trivets, which are items that are placed on a table to protect the surface from hot pots and casserole plates, can take on a variety of forms. Although not many people give much thought to trivets, a significant number of homes utilize at least one trivet on a regular basis.

How many stitches should I cast on for a potholder?

Cast on 24 stitches while leaving a tail of yarn measuring 6 inches long. Knit the first row and continue knitting in garter stitch (knitting every row) for 23 additional rows, or until the piece measures almost 8 inches from the edge where it was cast on. Bind off all stitches with the exception of the last stitch.

Can you knit oven mitts?

This practical item is made up of two oven mitts that are connected by a narrow band of knitted cloth. It works well for safely extracting pans that are heavy and hot from the oven. (Knit one oven mitt but leave off the I-cord hanging loop; then knit a second oven mitt and attach a band.)

What can I knit with Tshirt yarn?

The Best Twenty Projects You Can Make With T-Shirt Yarn:

  1. Finger Crochet Floor Rug Tutorial
  2. A Tutorial on Making a Crochet T-Shirt and Yarn Stool Seat Cover
  3. Grab and Go Purse Pattern
  4. Finger Weave Necklace Pattern
  5. A Pattern for a Baby Bib
  6. Pattern for a T-Shirt Bowl Made of Yarn
  7. Mini Crochet Basket Pattern
  8. Small Crochet Basket Pattern

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