How To Knit Bottom Up Yoke Sweater?

  1. The stitches for the bottom-up form of the sweater are cast on at the bottom of the garment, and then the sweater is knit in the round from the bottom up to the armholes.
  2. The beginning of the sleeve work begins at the cuff and continues up to the armhole.
  3. At this stage, the sleeve openings are sewn into place on the body of the sweater, and the number of stitches is lowered at regular intervals all the way up to the neckline.

Is it easier to knit a sweater top down or bottom up?

When making a sweater that involves seaming, the most significant challenge is that the individual sections of the sweater almost never get sewed together. You are more likely to wear a sweater that is constructed from the top down since it is simpler to complete. However, once you have completed all of the seaming, bottom-up sweaters look wonderful.

How do you measure a yoke for a sweater?

  1. YOKE DEPTH Run your measuring tape from wherever the top of your raglan seam will hit you down to your underarm, and take that lower measurement from approximately an inch or two below your actual underarm.
  2. Measure diagonally from the neck to the underarms, and take the lower measurement from approximately an inch or two below your actual underarms.
  3. You want the length of your raglan seam to be exactly that long.

What is yoke sweater?

A yoke sweater is essentially a sweater that is started and knit from the collar down to the hem of the body and that includes increases that are evenly spaced out between a certain amount of rows (The Easy Eyelet Yoke has four of em’!). A yoke sweater can be distinguished from a traditional sweater in that it is knit from the collar down to the hem of the body.

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How do you put short rows on a bottom up sweater?

Lower Back Short Rows: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Put a stitch marker on either side of the sweater to indicate which is the front and which is the back
  2. Work your way around the back of the sweater until you reach the stitch marker to start the first short row
  3. Knit over the back to the stitch marker using the purl stitch.
  4. Knit down the back until you reach the marker stitches

Is it hard to knit a Fair Isle sweater?

You Might Find That Fair Isle Knitting Is Easier Than You Thought It Would Be. It is not much more complex than knitting or purling in one color, but the resulting textiles may be very remarkable. In general, you will knit a few stitches in one color, then the following few stitches in a different color, while keeping both balls of yarn tied to the work the entire time.

What is a top down sweater?

This entry was posted on December 18, 2020 in Knitting Tips and Techniques. The top-down method is my go-to for knitting sweaters because it allows for a seamless transition from the neck down to the bottom of the garment. You start at the neck and work your way down to the underarms, increasing your stitches at each stage to make the sweater larger as you go.

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