How To Knit Jogless Stripe In The Round?

When knitting jogless stripes, step one is to knit one round with the new color yarn as you usually would. This will mark the beginning of the next stripe. Step 2: Before beginning the next round, use the right needle to move the stitch that is underneath the initial stitch on the left needle up onto the left needle. Do this before beginning the following round.

How do you use slip stitch jogless join?

Jogless Slip-Stitch Joining System When you’re knitting stripes in a variety of colors, this is the tool you use. Knit the first round of the round when you change colors in the same manner as you would any other round. When you reach the second round, slip the first stitch of the round purlwise (wyif) and then knit the remaining stitches in the circle.

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